Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (well, nearly)

Sighted today...

Not dry enough for dry beans-but my yummy lunch regardless

Chocolate Naga Jolokia. Pretty, n'est pas?

The fiery Tepin (Bird pepper)

Really? Where did this come from? Seen for the first time in the garden today!

Ching Chang Choi

Restaurant veggies-lots of colour!

Ndrow Issai eggplant

She tried her best. And it is good enough!

Lots of squash. And some big ones!


Iz said...

they look so beautiful and tasty!

coco said...

hello linda,
i noticed you on my followers list. it is nice to know that you are reading my blog.

i saw your profile,
have pigs, chickens, etc....what are wonderful life you have.
i have been wanted to have chiken but with my living situation, it is hard to do so.

by the way, where do you live if you don't mind? looking forward to hearing from you.


Linda said...

Thanks Iz!
Hi Coco...thanks for reading my blog!I'm in Wellandport, which is in Niagara, Ontario Canada.Yes, I've got a wonderful bunch of two and four legged friends here. I love them all. The chickens are fun and very clever. People don't give them enough credit, and if your situation ever changes, I hope you can get your chickens. All the best!

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