Thursday, November 4, 2010

Need seed? It's for sharing!

I like to get mail.

You know, the old fashioned kind that comes in the mailbox across the road.  Not bills or advertisements but personal stuff.

Or of course SEEDS!

I just love being a test gardener for Rodale's Organic Gardening Magazine.  Fellow testers are a fantastic group of experienced growers who are willing to share their knowledge (and wit).
And I get a big surprise package of seed in the mail to play with as the growing season approaches-how great is that?  FREE seed- yahoo!

At this point in the year I am beginning to get seed ready for 2011 sales.  I've collected a lot of great seed from the garden and am happy about some new varieties of seed I'll be adding to the seed listing.

But, alas.  There still is some seed left over from 2010 sales.  I haven't counted, but probably a few hundred packages.  It is good organic seed and has been stored properly all season.

So here is my thought. I know how great the feeling is to get free seed in the mail, so I'd like to pass that feeling along. If you would like to have a package, just send a self addressed, stamped envelope and I'll send a package of my choice to you.  If you live outside of Canada, no problem-wherever you are I'll send it to you as long as you affix sufficient postage.  There really are no strings attached.

Most of the seed is heirloom vegetable seed, but there are a few flowers, and minor annual fruits too.

If you want to send me a note about yourself and your garden...that would be cool.  I'll post some stories on my blog if I get them so we all have an idea about each others efforts.

If folks are interested in saving seed next season from what I have sent, all the better. If you don't know how to save a particular seed, just ask.

If I start to run low on seed for this giveaway, I'll post on my blog that supplies are dwindling.  Keep checking back in!

Mail your seed request to:

Tree and Twig
84039 Reg Rd 45,
RR#1 Wellandport, On
L0R 2J0

(please request before 2011!)


Willow said...

what a fabulous idea! When I get back from my upcoming trip, I'll be mailing you an envelope.

inhabiting_trees said...

Heh, I didn't read this until after I sent you that DM asking for your addy, please disregard! What a lovely coincidence :)

Linda said...

Yay- look forward to hearing from you both!

melissa said...

Hi Linda - Just started writing to you re. some seed............

rmould said...

I just got my seeds by mail! How exciting. Thanks so much for the thoughtful choices. I am actually looking forward to spring so I can plant them.


Linda said...

You're welcome, Paula...let me know how it goes!