Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bye summer....hello fall food !

                          It is nearly October, and the outside crops are changing.

 The tomatoes are tired, but the beets, carrots, squash, leeks and potatoes are going strong. Peppers too.

The peppers seemed to take forever to ripen this year.  But it is happening now. Slowly.

 Some of the crops seem like bonus crops. They were too easy. I'm doing this again next year...the scatter seed approach.

Forget the rows. Draw a rectangle around the area I want to plant and just scatter the seed. Water, and except for a good weeding when they have popped up, that's it.

A 5 minute job to plant, a better use of space and major results. I'm loving this!

 Lots of Jelly Melons! What to do with them?  Read here (Just eat 'em!)

Still saving tomato seeds. By the way...this is not the colour of my eggs yolks, as per the seed catalogue.
WHAT are THOSE chickens eating that produce eggs with green yolks?

       Montser squash are hiding under the leaves. Lots of eating here. Squash soup. Oh yeah.

And on to the next jobs. One hoop house is completed seeded and in less than a week, everything is up.

The other hoophouse is the recipient of more transplants. Variegated collards...can't wait to see your colours.

The zero mile diet, year round!


Erin Wilson said...

Oh, it all looks so good!!

inhabiting_trees said...

Purple carrots .. jelly melons .. I say again you've got a Dr. Seuss garden!