Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Tomato Bash

Kevin Maniaci from Inn on the Twenty and his biggest fan!
It was a great day!

I haven't quite recovered yet, nor have I  tallied the votes for the  favourite tomato.

The full post will follow tomorrow. But here are a few links to enjoy.

First, my fabulous musician for the day, Paul. Wonderfully talented and very much enjoyed by all my guests. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Paul for volunteering to give up your Sunday to help out a stranger. But strangers no more! 
Please listen to some of Pauls' fabulous music here

And my chefs...more about you and your dishes in the next post. But wow! You all knocked it out of the park.
Thanks Kevin, Mark, Marlie, Nicole and Jay , and Shawn. Fabulous. I can't thank you enough.  Are these people supporting small growers? Oh yes. 

Here is some wonderful video taken by Niagara Watch . Thanks for allowing me to share. And thanks for coming out!

But I have to say this...I'm no hero as the prelude to the video says.. So very far from it. I'm just someone who is very fortunate to have found something I love to do. And most importantly I'm supported by wonderful people in Niagara and beyond. 

Thanks everyone. Till tomorrow!

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Helen said...

Congratulations. Give us lots of warning next year.