Sunday, September 25, 2011

It ain't over till...well, it just ain't over. Winter planting!

Yes, it is officially fall.

The asters and goldenrod are making my rolling land sweeping down to the river look like an artists palette.

I love fall. My official favourite season.

Things will slow down a bit, in a month or so.

Right now though it is full steam ahead. Seed collecting, harvesting and readying the hoophouses for winter crops.

Humid this am

The tomatoes and most other things are out...and in with the new. A clean slate. A gardeners opportunity to be artist.

In they go....

And so much more...

Ching Chang Bok Choy seeded on Wednesday is UP on Saturday morning !

I know the arugulas and mustards won't be far behind.

But still it is nice to see a bit of the summer colour holding on.  I just couldn't pull them out.

Watch to see how it all grows, week by week as the temperatures drop.

It is pretty amazing...and there is still lots of good eating ahead. Yahoo!

(One hoop house down and one more to go!)

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inhabiting_trees said...

It was really neat to see you still planting up even though the days are getting shorter :) I'm reading a really interesting book about winter harvests and unheated hoop houses right now .. seems pretty efficient!