Monday, September 3, 2012

More Cool Stuff in the Garden

I always enjoy having people come over and visit my garden and take the tasting tour.
It's been fun this year, as always showing people some of the interesting things I'm growing.
There are always some things I take a chance on...rice, cotton, farro, sesame seeds. Who knows if these things will grow?
It's fun to try. I mean for the price of a packet of seeds I amuse myself immensely.
It was particularly fun to show Karen, from The Art of Doing Stuff blog around my garden. Turns out we went to the same high school and all. Could be she's younger than me. Just could be.
She did a blog post about some cool things she enjoyed seeing in my garden-read that HERE!

Here are a few more cool things, and one not so cool at all.....
(Thanks Precious for your great pictures!)

Hairy Balls

Amish Cockscomb

Purple Artichokes

Tinda (rhymes with Linda) squash

West Indian Gherkin

Mouse Melons

Peter peppers

Not cool, not cool! This is the Tomato Horn worm moth

Summer Snowflake Marigold

Our new ultra cool boy-Basil Rathbone


Anonymous said...

We've enjoyed our baskets this summer. We've been guessing at what some of the veggies are! (I haven't read your blog enough.) Thank you for your hard work!!

Iz said...

Love the stuff you grow - wish I was close enough to taste it! Basil Rathbone is very cute...I just knew you'd all end up with another kitty... :)

Linda said...

Thanks anonymous basket recipient! I'm glad you have liked the baskets and I truly appreciate your support.
And I wish you were close enough too Iz. After I come see you, you'll owe me another visit! And Basil Rathbone is a doll...he is curled up beside me right now!

bluelacedredhead said...

Ooooo, the Summer Snowflake Marigold is delightful.

And Basil Rathbone, Adorable. Congrats.

I haven't been getting updates from google blogger for some reason? Thanks for the reminder at tonight's event in Burlington that I needed to do some catching up.