Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Days On My Small Farm-Day 2 (Seeding the hoophouse)

I'm on a roll!
Two days two blog posts in, things are looking good, although I will tell you I think I would possibly prefer to have my eyes closed right now.
My wonderful daughter Emily whose summer job is working at Chippawa Creek Conservation Area just down the road brought the two pictured above home midway through August.
Their feral mom had been spooked by a storm and they were alone and young ( and wonderful).
Okay. So I didn't want to add to my menagerie, but they crept into my heart and she went back to school and they stayed here.
Last night they danced on my tummy. Sleep interrupted.

Everyday here we have our routines. Mollie catches her bus, I look after my crew (pig, rabbit, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs), then out we four, the dogs and I, go for our walk.

My dogs rock.
It is the best way to start the day.
Today, as most days, it was straight to work when we finished our route.
If you don't know, my livelihood is farming and I grow and sell produce year round, thanks to 3 unheated hoophouses.
My CSA program is just entering into the fall/winter session for 15 more weeks.
I know there will be lots outside for a good while yet, but I need to plant in my hoophouses now, so my crops are mature before the days are too short and the temperatures too cold for growth.

Today was hoophouse #2.

I love my Troy-bilt Horse tiller. Please Troy-bilt, let me do a commercial for you! Preferably a paid one.

I've had my tiller for about 15 years now, and it is all I used to till my many acres for the first 10 years or so. It's a great machine and today it worked hard for me.
The hoophouses are very dry, as they weren't planted this summer, hence not watered either.
It was a dusty job.

But I got it done.

Today I planted more than 30 different things. Many, many mustards such as mibuna, various mizunas,
cresses, orach, spinaches, salad burnet, lettuces and loads of things most people haven't heard of. The chard in the above picture survived the summer drought in my hoophouse, unwatered and with a steady watering now is looking magnificent. Love it. Insta-veg!
 After I tilled the composted soil, I drew rough beds and raked them to a fine and level finish.
Most of my seeding was done by broadcasting, essentially scattering the seed over the created beds.
The exceptions were several varieties of oriental radishes and some lovely red turnips. Those I seeded in rows so I can keep track of how far apart they are seeded.

A wonderful watering, over and over again and I should see action soon.
I know for sure I'll see a very full greenhouse because I know that some of last years crops will have self seeded and will be off to the races too with a good deep watering.

I can't wait. 
I LOVE to see things grow!


Iz said...

You rock!!! (and you look fab btw).

Linda said...

Thanks my dear! The puppies await your return....