Saturday, September 29, 2012

30 Days On My Small Farm-Day 3 (Watering, Walnuts, Whacked)

I try to do a bit less on weekends like the rest of the population, but of course some farm work won't let you wait.
Such it is with my newly seeded hoophouses.
Today called for numerous waterings after the chores were done, and the laundry hung. No dryer at all here, so I was glad to see the sun out for a while.

All the greens planted in the first hoophouse last Saturday are up, save for the chard. I'll give it a few more days, then replant.
Today was walnut pick-up day. My two English (aka Carpathian or Persian) trees shed their leaves early because of the drought but the nuts are coming down on time.
This time of year it's dodge the nuts which are coming down right over my veg wash station.
No matter. They are great to have. I love the fact I have nuts and a great protein source. Plus they are yummy.
I love making walnut butter out of them.
People phoning in orders today, people stopping by to pick up veg.
Yup, there's lots.  Still a pretty full garden people say to me when they arrive.

Then there is the whacked part of this story.
It hasn't been a great car month. Or week for that matter.
When I looked at my car Monday night, the night before my deliveries I noted a flat tire.
How fortunate was I to be driven around on Tuesday with all my veggies for the drop-offs.
When I went to start my car Wednesday to take it to get the slow leak fixed, it wouldn't start.
I did get it started and it has been fine since. Until today when I was driving through Dunnville on my way to Cayuga to look at new cars.
It started making a loud noise and I pulled into a convenience store to have a peek underneath.
As I reversed out of the parking spot, backed out behind the truck next to me...well let's just say that's where the "whack" came in. Another car backed right into me.

A short break in writing this...police visit. I can just imagine what my neighbours will have to say tomorrow.

And that's it.

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