Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today is June 28th, 2011-keep planting!

And it is. And I am.

To me though, it feels like it must be much much earlier in the season.  Should I not have been doing these things a month ago, or more?

Only this week am I getting the majority of the beans in. Today I was still planting peppers...what the heck, a few more, or twenty tomato plants, still have more cabbage-type things I'll put in, and one field I still can't get to, because it is just lousy-wet.

Is it too late?  No, not at all.  But if I was going to market I sure wouldn't have the early advantage.

I was surprised today at the number of people who came out today to purchase plants.  (And why not?  The prices are right, let me tell you!)

When I spoke to my friend Kevin Maniaci tonight, the clever executive chef at "On the Twenty, he said the pickin's are slim.  Not many of the regular growers have a whole lot of anything right now.  Either it has been planted...and lost because it was too wet, or, like me, growers have waited. 

I'm thankful I sell microgreens which are not weather dependant.  Bit of cash coming in regardless.

Today as I worked alone I felt optimistic.  What I have planted is good.  The tomatoes have grown by leaps and bounds, Stupice in the hoop house are going to ripen within the week, and there is still time.
I will plant more beans, make that LOTS more beans, carrots, beets and any and all little remaining veg plants I can squeeze in.  The Lime basil and the Korean Licorice mint are awesome finds.  Love 'em!

Today rain threatened again.  I could hear the thunder rumbling in the distance, and a neighbour stopping by told me that Beamsville got clobbered.

So I planted in high ridges. Peppers, Spring Flowering Cabbages, Green Goliath broccoli, are sitting pretty, I sincerely hope, on 8" ridges.

I am feeling really good about it now as I hear the winds blowing outside.  To me, they sound like the kind of winds that bring rain.

So what can you plant now? So much, really.  Greens, beans, brassicas, carrots, potatoes, beets...the list goes on.  In fact, in my mind carrots and potatoes are best planted now...the pest problems are minimized.  Last year I planted my potatoes towards the beginning of July and had no problems at all with the nasty Colorado Potato Beetle. And the carrot rust fly doesn't seem to be an issue either with later planted carrots. Might as well celebrate late planting as a clever thing, even though this year there wasn't a whole lot of choice.

Stay tuned.  As I toil alone in the fields, I am thinking...always thinking.( "I feel like one who treads alone, some banquet hall deserted"-a soulful quote  oft repeated by my late loved father, which sums up my mood in the garden.)  Had to fit it in...I say it in my head 50 times a day.

I see free seed in the future for those who want to play around with late planting....more tomorrow!


Kris Mo said...

Whew! (That's my huge sigh of relief) I really started to think that maybe I was nuts, just planting my potatoes last night. And some Spanish onion sets that I forgot I had. And I have yet to sow a single bean... maybe I'll manage this weekend. This season just seems to be running away with me, but like you Linda, I thought 'what the heck?!' and I just keep plodding along, sticking seeds in the soil whenever I have the time. Thanks for the reality check!

Linda said...

Just a wacky spring Kris! I think we'll all be okay in the end. Thanks for reading.