Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Ellie, Darwin and Bandit assure me there is light at the end of the tunnel

"Nuff to make you want to be a pot farmer. Not that kind of pot...veggies in pots!

Sorry, can't quite do it is nearly wordless.  Compare today's pictures to last Wednesday's.
We've had some drying going on and (hallelujah!) have about 500 tomato plants in the ground. Certainly many more to go.
Tractors are buzzing around Wellandport, but make no mistake.  This crappy spring has taken it's toll on farmers and our ability to get crops in the ground.  
Business as usual this year?  No.  Not at all.
Read here. Weather affects farmers.  The disconnect between some consumers and their food is so great that not everyone understands that.
Weather affects farmers.  And what weather we've had!

The good old days. Who cares about the weather!
Moved the baby hoophouse for something to do.
Finally tilling. The ducks lead the way.

But in one of the hoop houses-Stupice tomatoes!

Jelly melons!



Outside-beet seed
Yummy garlic scapes

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