Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seedy Saturday wrap up-so much good!

Niagara Seedy Saturday...the good, the bad and the ugly.

In my post yesterday I discussed what I would view as being the bad and the ugly.  But was the event itself a success?  Oh yes, it was good.....very very good!

And so many people made it that way.

The seed exchange table was hopping.  So many people brought seed to share, and they brought a lot of seed.  In other years, the seed exchange table sat empty for part of the day, but this year, the seed kept coming.

People must be absolutely delighted with their finds!  Please, try to save a bit of seed from your treasures to add to the seed exchange table next year.

I sincerely thank the vendors who came and paid a fee to assist with the facility rental.  Mary, from The Cottage Gardener, Colette from Urban Harvest, Catharine from Acorus Restoration, John from Premier Horticulture, Klaas from Spanish River Carbonatite, and Ann from The Plant Lady.  Thanks too for your very generous donations of door prizes....I just kept giving things away!

Thanks too to the non profits; Lettuce, Turnip and Wine garden club members for volunteering on the day, the baking and for  your help packing seeds.  Kate from USC Canada for your talk and donation to help with the rental, the good folks at the National Farmers Union, Community Care in St Catharines, Seeds of Diversity Canada,Tiffany from The Garden of Eating, Steve Biggs for donating your time, knowledge and fig trees, Jen Heaton for your introduction to vermicomposting and my family and friends for all your help.  And of course my other speakers, John Renaud, and Wendy Dunnville.  Good stuff.

Thanks to Adam from Peapod Cuisine for the great veg soup and stew.  I heard nothing but raves about the food.

Hmmm, did I forget someone?

I never would!  Mollie my 9 year old (the next day she was 10) and her friend Sarah collected a whopping $186.65 for The Lincoln Humane Society to put toward a spay and neuter clinic.  Wow- fabulous****!  My friend Shirley donated the first $5 bill and told them to keep it on top of the jar so people coming after her would follow suit.  Mollie and Sarah thank you for your wisdom, Shirley.  The next 7 donations were $5 bills.

In all between 400 and 500 people came through the doors.  This helped raise $370.00 was for USC Canada and the wonderful work they do with agricultural issues in some of the poorest parts of the world.  It also helped raise awareness and create interest in heirloom seeds- big time!

Thanks most sincerely to all the people in Niagara and beyond that came out to support this grass roots effort. Your donations, your seeds and your presence were acts of kindness and good.  Let's keep the seed circulating!  See you next year...the date is Feb 11, 2012!

(Thanks to Kris Morettie for letting me use your beautiful pictures.  Check out Kris's blog at www.mofarm.blogspot.com )

And remember, there is a Lettuce, Turnip and Wine Garden Club meeting tomorrow night, 6:30 pm at The Vineland Research Station.  All welcome!


Megan said...

The parking attendants weren't the only obstacle. River Rd was closed due to whiteout conditions from blowing snow. That's what stopped me!

Linda said...

That's a shame...sadly in mid-Februrary you take a chance with the weather. I was really concerned when I woke up on Saturday morning and saw all the snow coming down. I'm sure the weather did keep some people away.