Friday, February 25, 2011

Cake and Loaf "Dough" fundraiser

Looks like a fun fundraiser! It certainly is (again) a unique concept. I thought I would pass the information along...

Hello all,
Just thought I'd pass on some more details about our event:
BAKE SALE! Cake+Loaf Bakery will be hosting a celebration of local food and live music, supporting the Juravinski Cancer Centre and Cake+Loaf Bakery.
There will be an afternoon bake sale with live acoustic music, children's activities and entertainers, and an amateur cake decorating contest from 1pm-5pm on  March 19th at Fenian Films at 211 Locke Street South, followed at  7pm by an evening concert featuring Rob Lamothe, The Beginning, The Maladies of Adam Stokes and others! Tickets for the evening concert are $10.
50% of all profits will go towards the Juravinski Cancer Centre and the remainder will assist in the construction of a retail location on Dundurn St. South for Cake+Loaf Bakery.
Cake & Loaf is an artisan bakery located in Hamilton, Ontario. Our 'from scratch' neighbourhood bakery is focused on custom special occasion cakes, artisan breads and pastries with an emphasis on organic, fair trade and local ingredients.  All of the baked goods at Cake+Loaf contain whole grains, organic flours, real butter, organic free range eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables- in short, real food.  We are the first bakery in Hamilton to offer a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) Program.

Josie Rudderham and Nicole Sherman
Cake+Loaf Bakery
Josie: 905 730 4801
Nickey: 905 531 5926


bluelacedredhead said...

It just happens that I am going wedding cake shopping this week with my future DIL.
I've added Cake & Loaf to the list of bakers to contact. Thanks Linda!

Also, the fundraiser sounds great. I posted it on my FB page for friends and family in Hamilton to check out.

Linda said...

That is wonderful, Wendy. Glad to have helped make that connection!

bluelacedredhead said...

We missed their fundraiser, but I have had the pleasure of sampling their wares. And I do believe they've got the gig for making the cake for my son's wedding, Yeah!

Thanks Linda for posting this.