Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mollie's guest post - I'm back!

Hi! This time I will write about... my favourite vegetables because it is time to start thinking about what you are going to plant in the spring!

1. Number one would have to be Tomatoes. They are good for a warm day (raw) or for a cold day in soup or in Tomato sauces. My favourite Tomato is stupice or Mollie's awesome yellow pear because it is named after me!!!

2. Two is Cucumber. It is 95% water and it's inside is 20 degrees fahrenheit cooler than it's outside. That's good for a warm day.

3. Three... Carrot! Old world physicians insisted that Carrot could cure problems of the liver and stomach also that they could heal wounds. They are sometimes called "underground honey".

4. Lettuce. My favourite is deer tongue lettuce. Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family surprisingly!

5. This has to be beets! Beets where boiled and baked beyond recognition in the 17th century england,where they were ' more often eaten at poor mens tables.

Well thats all I'm doing today!  :)


Buttons said...

Hello It so happens they are my favourite too. I can't wait to get my garden started. B

Erin Wilson said...

Mollie, I'm glad to hear about your favourites! You get to taste everything fresh-fresh, so I consider you an expert.

Linda said...

thank you! I have a garden in my front yard and I grow 90% of the things I just mentioned in my post!!
Also most of The things I mentioned I like raw except beets!! ;)

PS this is Mollie not Linda!

mramella19 said...

Mollie, what great facts! You taught me something new today :)