Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet and Hot Peppers, 2016

So, you are looking for pepper seedlings for your garden for the upcoming season (which it seems may actually be coming?)
Here is the listing of what you will find available on my small farm when I open for seedling sale on May 21st. Remember all are limited quantity, although I did plant many more than last year, when I sold out on the first day.
There are lots of interesting hot varieties this year, different heat levels, colours and tastes.
What do I recommend? Everything of course! I grow it all.

Hot Peppers
Diente de Perro
Aleppo 37
Corazon de Palmona
Sola Arunachai
Biquinho Yellow
Cumari do Para
Brown Egg
Alma Paprika
Bhut Jolokia Orange
Bhut Jolokia
Aji Limon
Inca Lost Pepper
Red Mushroom
Chinese 5 Color
White Habanero
Pasillo Bajia
Lemon Drop
Georgia Flame
Wenks Yellow Hots
McMahons Texas Bird
Bellingratt Gardens
Tri Variegated
Peach Habanero
7 Pod Brain Strain
Black Scorpion Tongue
Orange Thai
Hot Portugal
Santa Fe Grande
Czech Black
Romanian Hot

Sweet Peppers
Doe Hill
Mama Mia Giallo
Amish Pimento
Sweet Salad
Orange Bell
Marconi Purple
Patio Red Marconi
Napoleon Sweet
Sweet Chocolate
Chinese Giant
Red Belgian
Ruby King
Garden Sunshine
Chervena Chushka
Golden Treasure
Round Tomato Shaped Pimento
Antoni Romanian
King of the North
Bull Nose Bell
Jimmy Nardello
Mini Yellow
Mini Red
Mini Choc.
Purple Beauty
Pinot Noir
Giant Aconcagua
Giant Szedgi
Canary Ball
Marconi Red
Trinidad Perfume
Jaluv Attitude

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eggplants, 2016


People either seem to love them or they don't. There is no middle ground. Admittedly, they are a bit like tofu and seem to take on the taste of what you cook them with. But the texture they can add to a dish is pretty great.

I always start way too many eggplants for my seedling sale. It is one thing I always have an abundance of, so I have cut down on the number of varieties I will be selling this year. If you like eggplant, I think it is still a pretty good selection. Some are indeed exceptional.

One on the list, Nipple Fruit, is a non-edible curiosity. It does look like a nipple and turns bright yellow later in the season. It is just a fun thing to behold, and looks pretty great and colourful in an ornamental garden. So why not?

My sale begins May 21, and people always get here early to get their first choice. I remain open for seedling sales well into June. I bet there will still be lots of eggplants!

Here is the selection you can choose from:

Ping Tung Long
Finger Fruit White
Du Burkina Faso
Thai White Ribbed
Ma Zu Purple Chinese
Bianca Sfumata
Rosa Bianca
Nipple Fruit
Thai Round Purple
Cambodian Green Giant
Syrian Stuffing
Green Beauty Long
Slim Jim

Black Beauty

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Heirloom Tomato Varieties for Advance-Orders

I'm going to be growing hundreds and hundreds of tomato varieties this year.  Some are seeded already in hopes of super early tomatoes here.

But as always, if you want to order some seedlings in advance, you can do that. My listing of 100 varieties that can be ordered in advance follows. Please check out my website here for ordering details. 

Looking forward to seeing you in May!

2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Beauty King
A newer variety, a cross between Green Zebra and Big Rainbow. Delicious, sweet and huge bicolour, yellow with red striping. Beautiful tomato. 75 days, indet, reg leaf.
Bicolor Cherry
Yellow orange bicolor fruit, very sweet with distinctive flavour. 60 days, early. Indet, reg leaf.
Big Rainbow
Wonderful large yellow beefsteak with red mottling. Delicious fruity sweet taste. Indeterminate reg leaf. 80-90 days.
Black Zebra
Stunning fruit, small dark fruit, green stripes. Great taste and production. 80 days, reg leaf. indet.
This is the first ”artisan” tomato I ever grew and it is still one of my favourites. Pale yellow, pink blushing, an elongated cherry with a tip on the end. Super sweet. Indeed, reg leaf. 75 days.
Green Tiger
A lovely “artisan” tomato, elongated cherry, green with yellow striping. The flavour! Oh my. Delicious, don’t let green scare you. Good production. Reg leaf, indet. 75 days.
Gold Medal
Very large flavourful yellow red, superb well balanced flavour. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80 days.
Green Zebra
A phenomenal small 2 oz tomato, green with yellow stripes. Great tangy taste, stunning appearance. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80 days
Isis Candy Cherry
Cherry, outstanding sweet flavour, pale yellow red mottling. Huge indeterminate plant, reg leaf, 75 days.
Old German
Very large bicolour, yellow and red streaking. Very sweet and delicious. 85 days. Reg leaf, indet.
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Purple Bumblebee
A new tomato, slightly elongated round cherry, dark purple with green mottling. Stunning appearance, delicious. Reg leaf, indeterminate. 80 days.
This tomato always sells out-large yellow and red bicolour, fabulous flavour and appearance. Indeterminate plant, reg leaf, 80-90 days
Turkish Monastery
Small red tomato, gold striping. Very pretty, good flavour and a prolific producer. 75 days, indet, reg leaf.
Vintage Wine
Beefsteak type fruit, weighing up to 1.5 lbs. A newer tomato, brilliant coloured fruit, red base with orange and yellow stripes. Limited quantity, order early. Indet plant, reg leaf. 80 days.
Velue Striee
A rare tomato, small elongated shape, with a peach fuzz skin. Red and gold striping, very sweet. An interesting determinate angora leaf plant, reg leaf. 75 days.
Yellow Brimmer
Very large yellow beefsteak, red streaks and marbling. Luscious sweet flavour. Reg leaf, indeed. 85 days.
Black-Brown- Blue
Black Apple
Classic apple shape, 4-6 oz rich smoky flavoured tomato from Russia. Juicy and meaty fruit, prolifically produced. Reg leaf, 80 days. Indet.
Black Cherry
Cherry. Purple black fruit, with a very sweet distinctive taste. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 75 days. Great tomato.
Black Magic
4 oz fruit, red black with excellent rich tomato flavour. Good producer. Indet, reg leaf. 80 days.
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Black from Tula
Great 6-10 oz fruit, maroon with green shoulders. One of the finest blacks, a Ukrainian heirloom. Delicious rich taste. 80 days, net. Reg leaf.
Black Prince
An early black, deep garnet coloured with green, 4 oz. Delicious rich flavour. A favourite in Russia, where it is from. Indeterminate,reg leaf 70-75 days
Blue Berries
A stunning cherry tomato-near black with a red bottom, great anthacyanin presentation.Superb in salads, snacking, sweet. Indeterminate. 75 days. Brad Gates creation.
Blue Beauty
4-8 ounce beefsteak, red with a stunning blue blush. Delicious slicer, stunning presentation. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 85 days.
Blue Green Zebra
Pretty wild looking tomato, green and yellow striped small 4 oz tomato, topped with blue. Tom Wagner tomato. Indet, reg leaf. 80 days.
Indigo Rose
Beautiful small red tomato with blue shoulders. One of the darkest and very rich in anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants. This is an excellent tasting strain. Compact Indet. up to 5 feet. 75 days, reg leaf.
3-6 oz pear shaped fruit, reddish brown. Nice flavoured sweet tomato. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80 days.
Cherokee Chocolate
A frequently requested tomato. Fruits weigh up to 1 lb and are a gorgeous chocolate brown with rich wonderful flavour. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80 days.
Brown Berry
I’ve always loved this brown cherry tomato. Exceptional sweet flavour, juicy and good producer. 70 days, indet. Reg leaf.
Green Tomatoes
Aunt Ruby’s German Green
A great tomato with a great story, a Tennessee family heirloom. Large 1lb green when ripe beefsteak. Soft to touch when ripe with some yellow mottling. An absolutely delicious taste experience. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80-90 days
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Green Brandy
Good yielding green 6 oz fruit, good flavour. Indet reg leaf. 80 days.
Green Doctors
Cherry. This is here because I know certain people want it! Such a great little tomato, green cherry, amber colouring when ripe. Absolutely delicious, sweet and yes, you will know when it is ripe. 75 days. Indet, reg leaf.
Green Doctor’s Frosted
Cherry, excellent flavour on this mutation of the wonderful Green Doctors tomato. Looks like frosted grapes. Huge indeterminate plant, reg leaf, 75 days.
Gold and Green
A medium sized round tomato, green with an amber blush. Reg leaf, indeterminate. 85 days.
Green Giant
Ho,ho ho! No-not really, but it’s a giant. 1-2 lb fruit, complex flavour, no amber blush. Fruits are very uniform shape. Indeterminate, potato leaf, 80-90 days.
Green Pear
Pear shaped cherry, green with amber colouring when ripe. Delicious, sweet taste. 75 days, indet, reg leaf.
Malachite Box
aka Malakhitovaya Shkatulka. Perfect 10-16 oz flattened fruit, sweet melony flavour,very good yield. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 80 days.
Thompson Classic Seedless
An amazing larger cherry type tomato. Tom Wagner, the tomato’s creator, handed me this seed at an SSE convention many years back. Unique and unparalleled flavour, green, amber blush. If you don’t like tomatoes, you may like this one.Smaller indeterminate plant, reg leaf, 75 days.
Pink-Purple Tomatoes
Bear Claw
Huge beefsteak type tomatoes, up to 2 lbs. Excellent sweet flavour. Indet, reg leaf. 80 days.
Grightmire’s Pride
Brought from Yugoslavia to Dundas by Fred Grightmire. Wispy leaf plant bears large, meaty heart shaped fruit with small seed cavity. Delicious. Indet, 80 days.
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Brandywine- OTV
Classic wonderful misshapen pink beefsteak-10-16 oz. This is one of the best strains of the fruit.
Indeterminate, potato leaf, 80-90 days.

Cherokee Purple
Always a popular fruit, beautiful dusty pink-purple with green shoulders, 10 oz fruit. Delicious Tennessee heirloom with great production. Large indeterminate, reg leaf. 85 days.
Eva Purple Ball
Always a perfect pink, small-med globe, blemish free. Excellent flavour-no core. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 80 days.
German Pink
10-16 oz fruit, meaty mild and juicy pink beefsteak. The original SSE tomato. Indeterminate potato leaf. 80-90 days.
Hungarian Heart
Huge pink oxheart, 1 lb, few seeds, little cracking. Delicious for fresh eating or canning. Reg leaf, 85 days.
Pink Princess Gene Pool
Superb large pink sweet as Sungold, that famed hybrid. Seems to have some late blight resistance. Can be some off types. 80 days, rampant indet. Reg leaf.
Pruden’s Purple
Large dark pink fruit with great production, flavour on par with Brandywine. Indeterminate, potato leaf. 70-80 days.
Very delicious and sweet pink grape tomato. Indeed, reg leaf. 75 days.
Turks Muts
This has become a favourite of some of my customers. Very fluted purple black fruit, 5 oz fruit. Excellent sweet smoky flavour. Reg leaf, indet. 80 days
Ukrainian Purple
Delicious 6 oz purple egg shaped fruit. Smooth and blemish free. Good for fresh rain and salsa too. 75 days, indet. Reg leaf.
Red Tomatoes
Amish Paste
A well loved paste and canning heirloom-meaty, small seed cavity and great taste. 8-12 oz plum to heart shaped fruit. On Slow Food’s Ark of Taste. Reg leaf, indeterminate. 85 days
Bulgarian heirloom, 6 oz round smooth globes with very good taste. 80 days, indeed. Reg leaf
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Bonny Best
Many people ask for this old timer by name. Smooth red round fruit is excellent for canning or fresh eating. 80 days, reg leaf, indet.
Sugar Beefsteak
Classic original beefsteak. large sprawling plant, old time classic tomato flavour. 6-12 oz. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 80 days.
Blue Beech Paste
Excellent flavour, long sausage type, meaty with few seeds. Great for paste or to toss in the freezer if you are busy at harvest time. Ripens late. Reg leaf, indeterminate. 90 days.
Brandywine red- Landis Strain
8-12 oz tomato, red and round, shape unlike typical Brandywines. Delicious flavour. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 80 days.
Cosmonaut Volkov
4-9 oz tomatoes growing in clusters of 4-6. Red, some irregular shapes. Productive, good flavour. Indet, reg leaf. 80 days
Costoluto Genovese
Always a favourite. Rich classic taste, irregular shape. Great for fresh eating or cooking. Indeterminate plant, reg leaf. 80-90 days
Paste or fresh eating. One of my favourites-long sausage type, meaty, rich flesh. Indeterminate plant, reg wispy leaf foliage. 90 days.
Geranium Kiss
Good for pots, small dwarf determinate plant produces trusses of small 1 oz fruits with pointed blossom end. 70 days. Reg rugosa leaf foliage.
Grappoli d’inverno
Small red fruits, thick skinned. A good keeper. Ideally, pull the plants out of the garden in the fall, hang and harvest fruits for a long period. Excellent roasted too. 75 days, indet, reg leaf.
Huge production on a dwarf plant. Small, delicious tasting sweet cherries. Plants grow no more than 1 ft. Bring plants in over the winter for a taste in the winter. 65 days, det. Reg leaf.
Greek Asimina
Huge production of med sized fruit, born in clusters. Blemish free, good taste. 80 days, indet. Reg leaf.
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Gardener’s Delight
Cherry. A very nice flavoured red cherry, sweet and productive. Indeterminate, reg leaf, 75 days.
German Red Strawberry
Very large meaty heart shaped fruit, can grow up to 1 lb. Outstanding flavour. Wispy leaved plant, indeed. 85 days.
Red Pear Large
Large meaty red pear shaped tomato, rich taste. Old northern Italian variety. Up to 1 1/2 lb fruit. Excellent for sauce and fresh eating. Indeed, 75 days. Reg leaf.
Matt’s Wild Cherry
Small wild tomatoes-super sweet and some blight resistance. Indet, reg leaf. 75 days.
John Baer
4-8 oz fruit, red round and uniform. Juicy, excellent flavour. 75 days, reg leaf, indeterminate.
A tomato deserving of love. Beautiful large heart shaped fruit, rich meaty flesh, great taste. Good for processing or fresh eating. Indeterminate, reg wispy leaf. 85 days.
Principe Borghese
Superb tomato for drying, dry tasty flesh. Small red fruit on semi determinate plant,heavy production, reg leaf. 75 days.
Cherry, pointed blossom end, outstanding sweet flavour, growing in bunches on large indeterminate plant . Reg leaf, 75 days.
Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter
Mid to large sized fruit, delicious taste and certainly a tomato with a story. If you don’t know it, ask me and I will tell you! 80 days, reg leaf, indet.
My tomato sweetheart, a great super early tomato, 50-60 days. Small 3 oz tomato, Potato leaf, indet.
San Marzano
Classic Italian heirloom for paste/processing. Meaty rich flavour. Good production. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 85 days.
Sugar Cherry
Large currant type, super sweet and heavy production, fruit borne in clusters. Very large indet plant, reg leaf. 75 days.
Sub Arctic Plenty
Small very early fruit on a cold hardy plant, 45-55 days. Bred to feed soldiers stationed in Greenland. Determinate plants, reg leaf.
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Sicilian Saucer
Irregular huge beefsteak, very good taste. Excellent for sauce or fresh eating. 85 days, reg leaf, Indet.
White Tomatoes
Ivory Pear
Cherry. Small, fat pale white pear shaped fruit, some yellow marbling. Delicious and sweet. Good production on indet plants. 75 days
White Currant
In my opinion, this is the best currant tomato. Unique taste, super sweet and a prolific producer of hundreds of teeny, tiny pale white-yellow fruit. Huge indet. small reg leaf, 75 days.
Snow White
Cherry, outstanding sweet flavour, pale yellow-white. Indet reg leaf, 75 days.
Great White
Very large white-yellow beefsteak up to 1 lb. Super sweet mild flavour. Indet plant, reg leaf. 85 days.
White Wonder
Large cream coloured beefsteak, delicious mild flavour. Indet, reg leaf. 90 days.
Yellow and Orange
Amy’s Apricot
Apricot coloured, super sweet cherry. Taste rivals Sungold. Reg leaf, indet. 75 ays
Aladdin’s Lamp
Stunning fruit, very unique squat pear shaped, bright orange. Sweet fruit, excellent for canning. Indet, reg leaf. 75 days
Cuban Yellow Grape
I grow this because it was one of my mom Donna’s favourites, mine too. Hugely productive reg leaf plant, producing tiny grape shaped yellow fruit which is piercingly sweet. Indet. 75 days
Earl of Edgecomb
Pretty bright orange 8 oz fruit with wonderful taste. Great for fresh or processing, thick walls. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 85 days
2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Garden Peach
A small fuzzy wuzzy fragile pale yellow fruit. Softer than most tomatoes, delight mild sweet flavour. Indeed reg leaf. 70 days.
Fargo Yellow Pear
Larger pear shaped cherry, bright yellow. Hugely prolific and sweet. Large indeterminate plant, 75-85 days.
Golden Grape
Huge production, huge plant. Delicious, sweet yellow grape tomatoes, point on end. Indet, reg leaf. 80 days.
Large beefsteak type vibrant orange skinned tomato. Sweet and low acid taste, delicious. Indeed, reg leaf. 75 days.
Honeydrop Cherry
Super sweet complex taste, from a selection of the superb hybrid Sun Sugar. It is open pollinated. Rampant indet. 62 days. Reg leaf.
Hawaiian Pineapple
Huge bright orange beefsteak type, really delicious orange fruity flavour. Maybe oranges are my favourite. Apparently a favourite of my Wainfleet customers. 90 days, indet, reg leaf.
Jaune Flamme
Cherry,large. outstanding sweet zingy flavour, apricot coloured, great production. Huge indeterminate plant, reg leaf, 75 days.
La Carotina
A French heirloom, 3” round orange tomato, apparently high in Vit A. Very good flavour. 85 days, Indet. reg leaf.
Lemon Drop
Superb tasting yellow green cherry tomato, tart-sweet flavour. Will produce in cold wet conditions. Indet, reg leaf. 85 days.
Nebraska Wedding
Late and great. 6 -10 oz orange fruit with very good taste. Indeed. reg leaf. 85-90 days.
Orange Santa
Small egg shaped fruit, sweet and tasty. By request! 70 days, indeed. Reg leaf.
Very large delicious meaty and sweet orange beefsteak. This tomato says summer to me. Indeterminate, reg leaf. 85 days.
Orange Banana
Beautiful pale orange paste fruit, great for canning, sweeter and fruitier than most paste types. Indeed, reg leaf, 80 days.

2016 Heirloom and Open Pollinated Tomato Seedling Advance Order Listing
Rumii Banjaan
Small fluted yellow tomato, may be some red blushing. Mild sweet flavour. 75 days, indet. Reg leaf.
Yellow Brandywine
Large mild and sweet tasting yellow tomato. This is a potato leaf, indet. 85 days.
Yellow Oxheart
Large meaty heart shaped tomato, small seed cavity. Complex sweet taste. 80 days, wispy leaf, indet.