Thursday, January 22, 2015

Niagara SOUTH Seedy Saturday-Feb 14, 2015

Seedy Saturdays and Sundays are great events held across Canada that get you thinking about spring. These events are held with the intent of promoting gardening, open pollinated seeds and to get people thinking about diversity in our food system. No matter which event you go to, you will always learn something new, and will make a connection with like-minded growers and home gardeners. For a complete listing of "seedy" events go to the Seeds of Diversity website HERE

This year there is a new Seedy Saturday in town, the town of course being Wellandport. When I realized that Niagara Seedy Saturday wasn't going to use the 2nd Saturday of February as it traditionally has, (Niagara Seedy Sunday-March 15th) I let it muddle around in my brain for a while, until I decided that another event in the southern tier could be a very good thing. I sure hope it is.

Niagara SOUTH Seedy Saturday is being held from 1pm-5pm on Saturday Feb 14th at the Wellandport Community Centre, 5042 Canborough Rd, Wellandport. Everyone is welcome, there is no advance ticket purchase required. Admission is a $2.00 minimum donation which will help cover costs incurred for the day. There are no business or corporate sponsors. This day happens because of your support. You will receive a package of seeds upon admission.

I am excited about Niagara SOUTH Seedy Saturday and there has been a good deal of enthusiasm for the event. As a result I have some great people participating both as speakers, vendors and promoters.
The first speaker of the afternoon beginning at 1:15 is Tiffany Mayer. Tiffany is well known in Niagara through her stint as a reporter at the St Catharines Standard a few years back, where she wrote about agriculture and food. She has since gone on to write a very well researched book "Niagara Food- A Flavourful History of the Peninsula's Bounty". She will be pulling some interesting tales from her book and will be open to your favourite food questions so get them ready! She will also be selling copies of her book in the main hall after her discussion.

Next up is a Seedy Saturday favourite, Steven Biggs at 2:15.  The talk is indeed "Biggs on Figs" as Steve tells you precisely how to succeed with figs in a less than fig-friendly environment. Steve is  the author of two wonderful gardening books, including "No Guff Gardening" and "Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't" and comes to us from Toronto.

At 3:15 Hanna Jacobs from Matchbox Gardens in Caledonia will be talking about heirloom vegetables and seed saving, a discussion that is the heart of the event, followed by Ryan Waldron- Deputy Chief Librarian at the Grimsby Public Library who will be talking about the seed library , the first in a Canadian library.

I am excited about vendors and groups displaying at the event. Bet some of them have never been to Wellandport before!

Welcome to:
Urban Harvest- OP seeds, supplies.
Matchbox Gardens-OP seeds
Earth Haven Farm-Biodynamic OP seed and planting calendars
Pear Blossom Orchard-Microgreens and growing kits
Wildcraft Niagara-Wildflower seed bombs, organic gardening services
TK Preserves-Preserves, chutneys, jams
Pridham's Holistic Health-Natural Soaps and creams
Black Cat Botanical-Natural body care, laundry detergent
Lickety Spit Farm-Alpaca, sheep related products
Terra Teas-selling coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day
Seeds of Diversity Canada-Canada's Heritage seed program
Greening Niagara-Environmental non-profit
Niagara Vegfest-Niagara's all things-veg festival
Grimsby Public Library
Tiffany Mayer-Author-Niagara Food
Steven Biggs-Author-No Guff Gardening
Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm-OP seeds

The heart of the event is a seed exchange so bring your seeds to share and trade. As well if you have any clean gardening tools, gardening or cook books or magazines and don't want them anymore , deposit them on the gardening give-away table and hopefully they will find a new home.

There will be an informal pot-luck following the event...I have the hall well into the evening, so stay and chat.

Let's hope for good weather, and look forward to talking gardening and seeds!