Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tomatoes of the Week and see you Sunday at The Good Earth!

In the scheme of things, it has not been a stellar tomato growing season.

The blasts of rain have caused lots of splitting, the humidity has made it tough on the plants. Some of them look like they are trying to survive in a war zone.

But it's okay.  

My heart soars - corny but true - when I see some of the pretty fruits ripen up.

Here's a selection of today's haul, and some of the varieties you'll be able to taste and purchase at  The Good Earth this Sunday, August 28th.  I'll be there with the charming Nicolette Novak, proprietor extraordinaire, of The Good Earth.  It's a tomato party - yahoo!  

Black Icicle

 Michael Pollan, the tomato

T-rif! It's Togorific

Green Envy-fabulous green tomato flavour

Tastes as good as it looks-Green pear

The slightly fuzzy and super cool Roughwood Golden Tiger 

The motherlode-for The Good Earth
Varieties for tasting at The Good Earth

Nicolette taking the tomatoes home to the Good Earth
Hope to see you there!


inhabiting_trees said...

mmm those looks gorgeous and delicious! What are the ones that look like little watermelons called?

Viagra Online without prescription said...

please tell me which kind did you use in ketchup sauce ?