Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brine-Cured Dill Crock

I've got a few things on my mind right now.

And one is most definitely doing some fun things with some of my produce to get it ready for future eating.

In a rare moment out of the garden today, I happened upon a rambling-type recipe by Euell Gibbons, of "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" fame.

It described his way of putting together a wonderful melange of whatever veggies he had available. And of course being Euell Gibbons, he snuck in a few treats he had foraged.

I have done some of these exceptionally easy and delicious pickled items before and it is definitely worth sharing. The best part is making your mix uniquely you-add whatever you like and see how it turns out.

Brine-Cured Dill Crock

4 handfuls fresh dill
1 gallon glass jar or crock (or larger)
3 peeled cloves garlic
3 hot chili peppers, sliced with seeds removed
1 lb Jerusalem Artichoke (sliced into 1/2 " rounds)
6 scallions or onions, sliced
1 head cauliflower, broken into florets
1 lb beans, left whole
3 carrots sliced
3 stalks celery sliced
10 small pickling onions
1/3 cup salt and
8 cups white vinegar

With dill on the top and bottom layers, layer all other veggies into your crock.
Combine salt with 2 cups of the vinegar and mix to dissolve. Pour over vegetables in crock, then add remaining 6 cups of vinegar, ensuring all vegetables are covered.
I use a heavy plate to cover my veggies, pushing them down under the liquid.
Stand this concoction on your counter for 4-6 days, then refrigerate. Drain off liquid after a week or so, and the veggies will stay good for 2-3 months.
Alternately, it can be canned in it's own brine, using a hot water bath.

Enjoy and get creative with it!
(from Rodale's book" Stocking Up " by Carol Hupping)

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