Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On the Farm-Week 2 CSA

Ruby is a tremendous help
Today was week 2 of my CSA season, week 1 being a good month ago when the greenhouse was filled with hot and spicy mustard greens at the end of the winter season.
It could have been a nicer day to do a harvest, but one does what one must. A lot of the lettuce was harvested yesterday, but that was rather wet too.
We needed the rain.
I have been planting for the last month, wondering about how everything would spring forth with such dry conditions. The pond was down low and I was watering several times a day.
As I wandered around the garden tonight, I saw the difference a good rain makes. Things have jumped-the weeds included. That's okay. There are loads of lambs quarters and I just love them. Every bit as good as spinach and easy to grow. In fact it took me no time...or effort at all.
The rain will slow me down a bit in terms of planting now, as my clay soil will need time to dry out before I can back on it again.
I've got a hundred or so tomatoes to still get in, lots more beans including soy, more carrots, more beets and always more lettuce, which I need to seed every week. The demand for lettuce seems huge this year and I'll do my very best to keep up.
The baskets today were spring, spring, spring.

With a little fall thrown in for good measure and a bit of homegrown protein in the form of dried beans.

What says spring better than radishes? Wow- I can't believe how many I planted this year.
The baskets also contained chard, kale, onions, green garlic, sorrel, mint, a bit of basil.

It's really nice to be out in the garden and seeing the season begin. Here's to a great year!

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