Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On The Farm and CSA Week 5

Last week ended up not exactly going as anticipated, so the blog post just didn't happen.

Enjoying a bit of lettuce
I knew it was going to be a wonderful week, but didn't predict everything else. It was Mollie's graduation from Grade 8 and she was valedictorian. How could I be prouder? I really couldn't be, and she did a marvellous job of it. The less pleasant things came along though, but hopefully we're getting through them too.
 We were coping with a cat who got into a dispute with another I suspect, and Percy, my big orange tabby, was not doing well. This boy, who during my tomato sale, was schmoozing with absolutely everyone nearly begging to have his picture taken, was hiding out in the garage trying to remain out of site. There were no visible marks on him, but he wasn't well. A visit to my vet confirmed that. With a high fever, lack of appetite and a great degree of sensitivity around his abdomen he began a course of antibiotics an hour before the big graduation ceremony.

fresh garlic
My collie Ellie is struggling as well. She has so many of the symptoms of Lyme disease and is on her second round of antibiotics to see if that can help. She limps, she is having problems with her bladder  and  she's lethargic.
The ticks this year are unbelievable. When I walk my dogs everyday, it is very unusual not to have a tick jump onto one of us. It's a worry and tick checks are necessary constantly.
I didn't think when I began farming for a living that ticks spreading Lyme disease or mosquitoes spreading West Nile would be a concern. But they are. Things have changed.
The weather this season so far is just ideal for both these pests. The early drought, changed quickly into a wet and fairly cool season so far. It's been a lot of rain, and although most things are doing well, some things are struggling a bit. The spinach and peas bit the dust and some of the beets are finding it a bit much.

Golden Purslane-truly not a weed 
If we get a bit of a break from it now,  I'll be very happy. The weather does look good for the rest of the week so here's hoping.
The baskets have lots of greens in them...the greens are loving it. Lettuces, chards, kale, beets, fresh garlic, golden purslane, basil and likely a bit more too.

I've been using the chard up like mad. I'll direct you to one of a few recipes I made this week that were very tasty.
This is a  Martha Stewart recipe-Whole Wheat Penne with Sausage, Chard and Artichoke Hearts
I changed a few things-the sausage I used was vegan, and I couldn't find frozen artichoke hearts, so used the marinated ones. It turned out really well and the girls loved it. We'll do it again.

These are all Mollie's pictures**

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