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Thought for Food, September 13th at The Shaw

The Shaw Speakers Series

The exchange of ideas is at the base of all we do here at The Shaw. We revel in plays that throw ideas up in the air and keep them spinning compellingly and surprisingly. How appropriate then, to open our stages to some brilliant guest speakers and artists who are celebrated for creating work that does the same and who in their own specific medium show us new ways of seeing and thinking. We welcome their insights and no doubt provocative points of view, and know that they will add a whole new layer to this season’s theatrical conversations.
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Thought for Food

Many of us look at the farm-to-table movement and find the name itself interesting and seductive as it promises a fresher, healthier, a more intimate and sustainable culinary experience. A return to ingredient-driven fare that provides us with a greater appreciation for our local producers. This panel discussion will look at what farm-to-table means to each of the panelists, identify issues and challenges and then focus on each panelist’s community and area of expertise.
This hearty, interesting and entertaining discussion at The Shaw will leave you with a better understanding of the farm-to-table movement and hopefully a desire to explore it through Niagara’s produce, cuisine, wine or simply the principles themselves. A Shaw Speakers Series to savour!
Saturday September 13 I 11am I $35
Festival Theatre



Lucy Waverman
Lucy Waverman,
Culinary Personality
Linda Crago
Linda Crago,
Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm
Stephen Treadwell
Stephen Treadwell,
Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine
Bill Redelmeier
Bill Redelmeier,
Southbrook Vineyards

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