Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning Garden Stroll

Here is a little glimpse of what is going on in the garden right now. 
I've been planting for six weeks or more now and will continue. And continue.
Crops come out, crops go in.

There is really nothing I like better than wandering around my garden to see what has changed overnight. This is doubly so after a night of rain, because things really change then. Things double in size, weeds sprout and it is just different. 

My dad always told me that things grow more overnight than during the day. I think it's true.

Am I admiring my hard work? Yes, I really am and I am feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
What the garden gives you is so very real. You plant a seed and it grows. 
Simple and so very good for the soul.

Pinwheel marigold

Red Marietta marigold

House tomato

Creeping Jenny (which grows wild by the river!)


Costata Romanesca zucchini

Stupice tomatoes

Kalibos cabbage

Green Sausage tomato

more potatoes


test garden petunia



Priscilla said...

Oh wow...look at your Stupice with colour already! I'm so excited for tomato season (the main derivative of my summer). :)

Linda said...

Me too Priscilla. I ate my first one yesterday and it was so good!