Friday, February 1, 2013

First of February and Gettin' Ready!

My assistant Stella helping pack seeds

Most times when I sit down to write a blog post I have a pretty clear idea of what I will be writing about. Not so much this time. My mind meanders.
It could be, that like many people, my attention and energies are pulled and stretched in many directions. Seems to especially be the case at this time of year.
Organizing Niagara Seedy Saturday has been a big draw on my time.
My hats off to people who organize events on a full time basis. I will never be one of you and my friend Helen is drawing up a paper likely as we speak to ensure that this now large event is never my sole responsibility again. It is time to turn it over to a group and I am hoping, really hoping that a yet to be name horticultural group will pick it up for 2014.
It's tough getting people together.
This year my speakers have been incredible, and I know they will be on the day of the event too. I feel like I had these  fantasy ideas about who I would like to speak, threw these ideas up against the wall to see what would stick, and it all did. Wow. When does that happen?
These people are donating their time, which makes it even more amazing.

I think this will be a great event this year. The weather, so far, says no snow. Ha. Ha. Fell for that last year, didn't we?

I'll be at lots of Seedy Saturdays-and a Sunday this year. I'll see you at Burlington's event-Feb 19 (evening), Kitchener (Feb 23), Hamilton (Feb 24), Brantford's Community Garden event (March 2) and Brampton's inaugural Seedy Saturday event on March 9.

After that I am out of commision. I will be seeding and seeding.

But I have set a few days aside to seed with people who are interested in my workshops. These are the "Planting Seeds for 2013" workshops  on both March 16 and another session on March 30.
These were pretty popular last year, so I did add an extra date.

Expect to leave these workshops with everything you need to get your garden planted. We will seed tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and you will have a bunch of great seeds to direct seed in your garden. I'll equip you with what I hope to be valuable information for having a successful garden. My website has  DETAILS sign up now!

It has been a tough winter to grow, with the incredible temperature ranges. The damp, overcast and warmer temperature can cause some disease and insect problems. These things just don't happen in a normal winter, but I think there is a new normal now and it is unpredictable weather.
 I finished my fall/winter CSA in mid-January, and am taking a bit of a breather from my CSA to get my seeds in order for sales, work on my seedling listing. There are greens in the greenhouse, and I am selling, but it is on a person to person basis. Need veg? Let me know.

The CSA sessions for 2013 are full and I am grateful for that support.
I am working on my tomato seedling listing now, and it is really going to be an unparalleled selection of heirloom seedlings. Honestly I don't know how many I am offering this year, but it is more than ever and there are some VERY COOL tomatoes. Like-cool.
I'll put up a post soon about what my favourite tomatoes were last year. Some new favourites as always!

My intention also is to open in April for cool weather transplant sales and on site seed sales. Times will be posted soon on my website. It's a little heirloom gardener's paradise here this year.

Hope to bump into lots of folks over this year. I love the veggies, I do. But I love people too!

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