Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Come Seed With Me-March Workshops!

I confess I love seeds. I have in my basement an entire freezer devoted to seed. But I also have seeds in my garage, kitchen and bedroom. There are no rules about this, are there?
I do sell seed. I also continue to purchase it, trade it and request it through seed exchanges. And save it.
It may be an obsession, that much is clear.
Last week I received a seed order from a self-professed chili-head, who told me of a small pepper seed company I had never heard of.
So last night after Mollie had gone to bed, I pulled out my laptop to have a look-see.

Crap I thought. Here we go. Last year I grew about 110 varieties of peppers, many of them sizzlers.
This year I had already found seed for many of the "new" hottest of the hots, like the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and other such foolishness. I was already in good shape pepper-wise.

Let's add to the list about 40 more new ones after my "it's a new seed source" frenzy of last night.

It's okay. A girl's gotta have fun. 

Trying new things in the garden keeps life interesting. That's certainly one of the beauties of heirlooms, the seemingly infinite variety. More than 10,000 known varieties of heirloom tomatoes? Oh my goodness. I really DO need a bigger farm wouldn't you say?

This year there are lots of things I'm excited to try in the garden. Last year I grew cotton, rice, sesame seeds and hairy balls, and it was fun, fun, fun.

sesame seed pods
My kind of fun anyways. I'm not a "let's go to the mall" kinda gal, clearly.

This year I am excited to grow some of last year's favourites again like Wheatly Frost Resistant, Oziris, Green Pear (and a gazillion more) tomatoes, Joe's Long Cayenne peppers and Painted Hills multicoloured sweet corn. I had more favourites too, in fact there was very little I disliked. Okay, nothing I disliked. 

But this year is the year of the tomato-pepper-runner bean-garlic-basil-mangel dominated garden.

What about you? What are you excited to try this year?

If you are a newbie to seeds and food growing or would like to learn a few tips, my gardening workshops might fit the bill. I've had questions, so I'll attempt to answer them here.

I am holding my workshops on two days this year, March 16 and then again on March 30 and the cost is $40, time both days is 2-4pm. We'll be in my hoophouse, so let's hope the sun shines.

What you go home with is everything you will need to get a good sized garden underway. I provide trays, seed, growing medium and instruction. We'll actually seed the varieties of tomatoes you would like to grow, as well as peppers, eggplants, lettuces, broccoli and other garden yummies. You will also go home with 10 more seed packs..things like beans, carrots, peas, beets and other things you like that need to direct seed in your garden.

We'll talk about seed, getting your garden ready, growing all the specific crops you have starts and seed for. We will talk about seed saving and I'll answer your questions. Refreshments will be provided.
You just need to come prepared to get a bit dirty and to have a bit of fun. You come with nothing, you leave with a garden. How cool is that? 
People have begun registering now, so drop me an email via my website to indicate your preferred date.
Hope to see you here!

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