Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Post-Maris the Amazing Farm Intern Plants!

My step-mom Cathy and our goat

Hello again. I’m pretty beat this evening so I’m going to keep this post relatively brief despite all the new stuff I’m getting up to and all the stuff that happened the past weekend.

So the big sale which started Saturday morning was a big hit. I actually dealt with more people than plants in a day which hasn’t happened in quite a while. It was great meeting all of Linda’s friends that helped out before and during the sale, and I thank all of you big time because there was absolutely no way we could have been prepared in time or been able to handle the sale on our own (or Linda on her own for the rest of the long weekend). And thank you Cake & Loaf for the enormous pizza slices provided at lunch. It was rather relieving to see some of the over ten thousand plants finally leaving Tree and Twig to other (hopefully) responsible green thumbs.

The work was pretty different this week at Tree and Twig and for the best. We’ve finally moved out of the green house, no more transplanting, and most importantly no more labelling. We started planting stuff in the real dirt. We’ve done some peppers, beans, radish, tomatoes, squash, melons, watermelons, basil, onions, leeks, and some other guys. We haven’t even scraped the tip of the iceberg in terms of planting, but we’ve certainly started and I’m glad to finally be outside digging, planting, sowing (although it’s been way too hot and dry for this time of year).

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a hatched duck yet. The first one is due at any moment, but still no signs of any cracking. On a positive duck note, we’ve acquired three new ducklings back at New Leaf. We went out on Sunday to a town just outside of London to pick up the baby miniature goat (whom I think we’re calling Billy the Kid). The goat was at a farm with a bunch of other animals including alpacas, donkeys, turkeys, giant workhorses, dogs, cats, and some neat looking ducks. These guys were Muscovy ducks and apparently they’re great at catching bugs right out of the air. We later read that they also poop on you as a defense when you pick them up, but I learned that the hard way.

I’d go on, but that seems as good of a spot to stop as any. Thanks for reading and check out my post again next week.            

Muscovy ducks

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