Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Post-Maris the Amazing Farm Intern (tires of tomato tagging)

Hey again. It`s my third blog post and I`ve got a few things to mention this time around.
First off, I`d like to apologize for not having my pictures up for last week`s blog despite specifically mentioning them in the post. I have no idea of what I`m doing when it comes to uploading pictures, managing websites, or computers in general for that matter. Linda`s been having some trouble uploading the pictures I sent to her as well so we`re just going to wait until my dad the computer whiz shows us what simple thing we`ve been messing up. Until then, please take my word that the pictures were very relevant to last week`s post and very well shot if I can say so myself.

The main priority for this week at Tree and Twig is preparing everything for the big ol` plant sale which kicks off this Saturday. So for the most part we`ve basically been hauling all of the plants out from the greenhouse and up to the front of the house, feverishly labelling thousands of individual plants (which we`re still not done and probably won`t be on the day of the sale), and cursing the weather every night as it dips to frost temperatures yet again. I`m going to be helping out on Saturday so I hope I get a chance to meet as many of you as possible or see you again if I`ve already met you here at Tree and Twig.

After the weekend, we will be bringing a few flats of Tree and Twig tomato plants to sell from our farm in Mount Hope (which is now decided for sure as New Leaf Farm and Mount Hope is on the outskirts of Hamilton by the way). The selection, mind you, is going to be very selective in comparison to this weekend`s sale at Tree and Twig. So, if I don`t meet you on Saturday, here`s your second chance to meet up as well as see some of New Leaf (apparently we just added a miniature goat to our regiment of goofy animals of which I have yet to see, and yes I will post pictures of it).

And of course, duck update. Linda`s gone and done it again and added another duck egg in the incubator. The count is up to seven eggs! The first egg should be hatching on the 23rd of May, next Wednesday. I`m definitely excited for these new little guys, but I`m worried about the shenanigans they`re going to get up to when we bring them over to New Leaf. Linda`s ducks are always trying to cross the road, dangerous as that already is, to the neighbour`s lot which happens to have some pit-bulls in the yard (to be fair it`s only one of the male ducks leading his girlfriend over, but they`re pretty persistent). The male ducks tend to battle it out often as well, although I do wonder if a duck can even harm another duck given that they have no natural weapons or pointy parts on their entire body.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I`m eager to get outside and start putting all these vegetables into the ground (as I`m sure all you green-thumbs are). The greenhouse serves as a kind of `limbo` between being stuck indoors and enjoying sun and air of the outdoors. Don`t get me wrong, Linda. I`m up to any task that is required including labeling thousands of plants, but you`ve said it yourself dozens of times that you just can`t wait `til this stuff is done with and we`re outside planting. That`s it for this week. Again, I hope to see some of you at the sale and thanks for reading.

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Catharine Ozols said...

Am sooooo excited about the ducks. Can't wait to see them. Baby goat won't be at A New Leaf Farm for a couple of weeks but we're going to visit her on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing what plants Linda's come up with for us ... mmmmm ... tomatoes!