Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomato Tuesday-Great and colourful pastes and canners

There are some tomatoes I just swoon over.

Federle rocks!

And absolutely one of my favourite varieties ever is the magnificent Federle. Meaty and rich flavoured, this banana shaped fruit (1"x6" or bigger!) has it all.  I gave some plants to one of my friends years ago and her verdict was " with a tomato like this out there, why the heck is the roma so popular?"  My feeling exactly.

Other great pastes and canners you'll find on my list of the "Top 100" include Howard German, Costoluto Fiorentino and Genovese, Franchi Red Pear, San Marzano, striped wonders like Speckled Roman and Tonnelet, Green Sausage, Orange Banana and Cream Sausage. Your sauce can be red, but also white, orange, green and more. Check out my website, www.treeandtwig.ca, for more info on these varieties.

If you come to my "Tomato Days" event there are many others you can expect to find here.

Plum Tigress: (80 days) 4 oz plum tomato, red with gold striping. Meaty flesh, nicely flavoured.

Striped Roman Yellow: (90 days) 6-8 oz sausage shaped fruit, yellow, with deeper gold striping. Dry, meaty flesh.

Canary Rose:(70 days)  I grew this small determinate plant for the first time last year. Big production of very dry, but sweet 4 oz pink plum tomatoes.

Antique Roman: (90 days) Sausage shaped yellow paste, 6 -8 oz. Mild sweet flavour, dry flesh.

Banana Legs:similar to above.

Plum lemon: (80 days) Is it a lemon or tomato? Sure looks like a lemon! 5 oz very pretty tomato, dry sweet and mild flesh


Amish Paste: (75 days) A wonderful canning tomato 4-8 oz, so juicy and rich flavoured. Actually a bit too juicy to be considered a paste-type.Long plum type, with pointed end.  Good production.

Andes: (75 days) Red pepper shaped, 5 oz. Rich and meaty with few seeds.

Baylor Paste: (75 days) 2 oz red egg shaped fruit. prolific producer and does well under stressful conditions. Wonderful flavour.

Carol Chykos:(95 days) 10-16 oz large heart shaped tomatoes. Wonderful flavour for canning or paste, although a bit juicier than some pastes.

Chinese Paste:(85 days) Fantastic paste type-very dry sweet flesh. Pepper shaped with pointed end, 6- 10 oz. Also superb for drying.

Enormous Plum: (80 days) 1 lb plum, delcious and meaty.

Martino's Roma: (80 days) Huge production of TASTY romas, on a small plant.

Kenosha Paste: (80 days) Superb flavour in a mid sized paste. Very small seed cavity.

Opalka:Very similar to Federle, but a tad smaller.

I also have many terrific tomatoes that would be considered great for canning.
Bonnie Best, Box Car Willie, Homestead, Santa Clara canner, Stokesdale and many, many more.

If you are thinking home production this summer of sauce, salsa , stewed or simply canned tomatoes, please head out to Wellandport May 21,22 to check out the possibilities. Not endless...but there are quite a few!

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Brewer said...

Hi Linda

Wow, Federle is huge and sounds wonderful! Can`t wait to buy some of those canners. I`m happy to see you mention Homestead. I forget if I mentioned that variety to you, but it`s my favourite. Great tomato and perfect fruit...Love it. I just wish I had a few acres so I could try a few hundred heirlooms.