Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mollie's guest post - My garden

I have a little garden in the front of the house and these are a few of the things coming up in it this year-

CHIVES- I have had chives coming up in my garden since the year my dad built it!!I love chives in salads or sometimes plain.

IRIS- Beautiful flowers. They come up annually so you don't have to plant them again and again (and again)!

ONIONS- I also like onions in salads as well as chives!I'll be honest, I like everything in that family!

LILY- I have a beautiful lily that comes up every year- enough said!

LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY-I have a few Lily-Of-The-Valley plants that I just planted this week , so exciting to see how they turn out!

LAMBS EAR- so fuzzy and soft. I had way to much of it so the chickens helped me to get down to just a little!

WEEDS- aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

These are a few of the things in my garden!
(If you have any ideas for my next blog post,please comment)


Iz said...
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Iz said...

Mollie, I enjoy your guest post. Your garden sounds much nicer than mine - I have many of the same things as you do, but mine are not nearly up, as we had a great deal of snow that has finally just melted. I also can't seem to keep the deer out of the garden! That's whay I keep the tomatoes on the deck in large pots. I hope you have a great gardening season.

Linda said...

Mollie, what a wonderful post. I look forward to seeing your beautiful flowers and eating your veggies!
Love mom.

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