Friday, December 3, 2010

guest Post-Mollie is back!

                                                               MY GARDEN !! 


     This year I had a really good garden with all kinds of things.
I had tomatoes, flowers , onions, a Gingko tree,peppers , and a few other things. The tomatoes didn't  produce that much, but when I got some they were very good.
  Flowers, I had all different kinds like snap- dragons, small yellow flowers were growing around the outside (not dandelions), lilies of all different kinds, mums ,  and violas.
 Peppers, I had two bell peppers my mom didn't want, one was tiny but it was the only ( out of two) that produced!
I had a few onion plants growing nothing really to say about them.
My Gingko tree , one of the oldest trees in north america (not mine but the type ) my favourite tree!
Chives. My chives usually stay good all year,as they should , they are also one of my favourite Vegetables!
     But ,as you could guess , most of the things in my garden are now dead.



ali said...

Your garden looks great!
My mum has a gingko tree- dinosaurs use to eat from those trees. You have a living fossil in your backyard. :)

Linda said...

You're right! My Gingko is my favourite tree i have.


Tiffany said...

I love this post. I love the ending. Mollie, you crack me up.