Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The girls, the guys and the gardens

Tonight I put the finishing touches on the Tree and Twig 2011 seed listing and with a push of a button, it is gone to my website magician.

Soon it will appear on my website and with that, another year is done.

I've just finished off my 13th year of growing food for people.

I never imagined where this journey would take me as I quit my job as a social worker after 13 years, and delivered full bushels of vegetables to former co-workers and friends that first year.

It's been good.

I've grown with my business and really followed my true interests in growing my business too.
With the surge of interest in home gardening, my transplant business has become pretty much as large a part of my business as the veggie end of it.

 I believe in what I do, and it is nice to be able to say that.  I believe in growing heirlooms and in all the reasons they need to be saved.  I believe in growing organically, whether certified or not.

And 2010 was a spectacular growing season. The temperatures cooperated, the rain came when it should and everything flourished.

I think that is why gardeners never give up.  A miserable year can always be followed by the best ever.
It keeps you optimistic.

 My life here has three priorities.  My girls, my guys and my gardens.

My two wonderful girls are everything everyone's children are.  My pride, my worry, my hopes and my dreams. They have both been a big part of my business, or should I say it has been a big part of theirs.
They never have been excited about helping in the garden.  But they have been dragged along on the "veggie route" and markets, toured folks through the garden in my absence and made friends along the way.
It delights me when I hear my eldest say "of course I'll grow my own food."
And my fondest memories of my youngest, educating her teachers about the colours of carrots ("they aren't just orange!") and grazing through the gardens, taking bites of this and that.

And the guys. Well, to me "the guys" are all my friends here that make life a bit more special...the puppies, cats, bunnies, chickens, ducks and of course the perennial crowd pleaser, Joey the pig.
Early this year, I took a chance on a puppy the girls found on the internet.  He was part beagle and was rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio.

There was something about him.  Was it the description.."a prince among dogs?"  I don't know.  I kept going back to look at his picture, and I just knew he was right for us.  I completed the application, built up the courage to tell my husband (who loves him too), and shortly after Darwin moved in.

He's just right for us, and is a prince. Gentle, loving, loyal and patient. If you have room in your heart and home for a dog, so many wonderful souls are waiting.

It's been a tough year too.

My husband has been away for his work a great deal and has been dealing with many stresses that accompany a weakening manufacturing sector.

My eldest daughter has been very ill. My aunt developed cancer.

I've tried to tame my frustration over the politics of the local food situation in Niagara.  Lots of talk.  Not much action.
I try not to get frustrated, but sometimes just do.  I hope I don't offend people when that frustration spills over.  Different opinions are just that.  Different opinions and nothing more.

And finally, sincere thanks to everyone who has supported me this year. If you bought a pack of seeds, a tomato plant, a basket of veggies, or purchased produce for your restaurant.  Thanks for coming to my little Saturday morning market and my tomato tasting and tour. Thanks for calling to ask questions, ask for free seeds, and for allowing me to donate seeds in the memory of a fine young man.
Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for just stopping by to chat.
And may you be blessed in the new year...as I am with girls, guys and gardens.  And a husband who understands all this.

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