Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten things for my garden-the conclusion

Here we go again....it's the final decision on the last 3 things I would put in my garden-t'wer it small!

It's not I know. But having lots of garden to plant things in has afforded me the opportunity to try so very many things over the years.

So without further delay, the conclusion.

I really like kale, and lacinato-aka tuscan or dinosaur is my favourite.

It is just darn good looking, but also makes a very substantial dish when sauteed with a bit of olive oil an garlic. My Mollie is a lover of kale, quite interesting for a 9 year old. But she has been munching on the stuff since she could tour the garden on her own two legs, free range as you will. She won't eat it cooked however, but I take great pleasure out of seeing her rip the leaves off while standing in the garden and chow down.

I did something right! That sure is how it feels when I see her choose something that is so good for her.

Of course the next item I choose has to be a garlic, and Music is my standard garlic I have replanted faithfully every year from saved cloves. Great flavour, big cloves and really reliable. Maybe when I retire I'll develop more of a collection of different garlic varieties, but for now, Music is just fine.

And the final item. What a struggle to decide.

Potatoes it has to be and specifically French Fingerling.

Later in his life my dad stopped growing potatoes because they were so cheap in the grocery stores.

I know where he was coming from. They are cheap. But I can't agree with him on not growing them because homegrown quality shines through with potatoes, and i can't envision not having my own.

They just taste better right out of the garden, and better again because they are grown organically. I'm always so leery of root veggies grown in the "conventional" way. (Why is chemical ag considered "conventional?")

French Fingerlings are a fine variety, with a lovely pink skin, pale yellow flesh with a bit of rose blush. They produce well and are very versatile in the kitchen. I always feel good when I have bushels of them stored in my fruit cellar for the coming winter, as I do now.

Bring on the cold, we'll still eat well!

That's the ten.
Any comments anyone wants to add would make my day.

What are your favourites-what could your veg garden never be without?


Sherilaugh said...

I think the one thing I will plant until the day I die is Delicata/Sweet Potato Squash... They are just so yummy and after you eat them, no other squash will do.

Tiffany said...

The lacinato kale is my favourite. I love kale, all kale, but that one seems more substantial than other ones. And I love how it looks, too. I have seed for next year. Thank you, though, Linda, for introducing me to it.

Linda said...

Thanks for your comments-i agree, Delicata are delectable. So many good things to grow, so little time!

And the kale-it is just loving this cooler weather-now it shines!