Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guest Post-Mollie is back!

I'm glad I'm back ( writing ) ! This time I'll talk about our animals and a few others!  First I'll talk about
Joey! He's our pig.He's a great (hungry) guy, he's also a pot belly . Then there is our chickens, three  old and 21 younger . The rooster is mean and I have a chicken named Hazelnut.
And there is our puppies, Ellie and Darwin, Darwin is a beagle and Ellie is a collie. they are the best.
I can't forget the ducks one brown two white indian runners and one white muscovy. The muscovy will nibble your feet......wear boots!
oh and the bunnies. One light brown and white named Napoleon, another dark brown and white named Lucky.
And 5 cats,Penny ,Pickle , Pippy, Baby and Cookie
Thats all ,


Linda said...

Mollie-you rock!
Love mom.

Erin Wilson said...

Hey Mollie-
Thank you for the tour of farm animals! I know that they have a great place to live.

Keep up the great posts :)

Linda said...

thank you!! l'll write again soon.

p.s it's mollie<3