Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tomatoes...and more.

Another little tradition has come and gone here on the farm; Tomato Days!
This past weekend we saw hundreds of folks come and leave with a great assortment of heirloom tomato plants and other goodies. Other veg plants, seeds, pies, breads and more....I can't thank you enough for coming out and delving head first into the world of heirloom tomatoes.
Heirloom tomatoes show you the fabulous potential of one small seed. From something a bit more expect- like a beautiful red tomato, such as Bonnie Best or Glamour, to a completely new experience such as Reisetomate, (a lumpy, bumpy mass of tomato) to the fuzzy and stripy wonder of the Red Furry Hog.
I totally enjoyed speaking to you all. But I am so happy to talk to those of you who seek a favourite that is the same every year- like my Wainfleet Stupice , Beefsteak and Shepherd pepper couple (I know it when I see you walk up the driveway), to my Thai Pink Egg lady from Fonthill. And also those who say "only red for me!" but after a bit of cajoling from me they return to pick up their new favourites this year-not red!
I love talking to new gardeners, good for you! I must have repeated "plant 'em DEEP!" a hundred times to their surprise. Especially the young gal who had never planted anything in her life, and was ready to dive in. After a discussion about deep holes, and rows and planting depth for beans...compost and watering- you'll be good!
And you'll be good because seeds are meant to grow! We can mess up, not follow rules or instructions, but seeds troop on and do what nature intended. Isn't it just such an incredible miracle?
And what feels miraculous to me too is that you all came! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support. Especially those of you too, who I have met because I do this and you have become friends. Thanks for giving up your precious time and helping out. Incredible!
Thanks too for those who come out year after year and continue the annual ritual of the heirloom tomato treasure hunt. I always say I only sell to nice people, as corny as it sounds.
And now on we go to the next ritual, the planting, watering, weeding and watching the weather.May all your harvests be bountiful, and I'm hoping we'll see you again soon!

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