Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Ramblings

The salad days of spring seem to be moving along quickly. In fact, where did spring go ?
Yesterday and today were so warm that some of tips of my red lettuces are burning-yikes. I am watering the salad mix at least 5 times a day to keep it fresh and crisp. Tomorrow hopefully , if the weather man is correct, the heat will give in a bit.
I have been very busy trying to get garden in now that the bulk of my transplant sales are over and done with.
Yesterday I planted the Organic Gardening Magazine test garden-8 tomato varieties, 4 peppers, a broccoli, 4 lettuces, watermelon, numerous beans and a few flowers. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the results, particularly with the watermelon, which is an AAS winner, as are the zinnias.
I am also very curious about one tomato in particular. It is a hybrid, one of the few in my garden, from Burpee, called Tye Dye. I grow a number of the "created heirloom"varieties of Berkeley Tie Dyes, and can't wait to compare.
But of course I will stick with the open pollinated varieties regardless.
Today it was till and till on my trusty John Deere tractor, and plant. We got in close to 300 plants of brassica type plants-kales, collards,broccoli, and more. A productive day, but with the heat I was certainly feeling a bit light headed.
Then, off to market tonight. It was a bit quieter, and it may well be my last night as transplant sales are slowing down. My goal is to focus on my market here and restaurant sales primarily.
My big field is getting readied for tomato planting, so I am hoping that will begin on the weekend. Tomorrow , we finish the brassicas, work on the peppers and eggplants and whatever else there is time for. So many very cool things to plant!


Erin Wilson said...

Hey Linda-

The tomatoes, pepper and kale are doing great. Thank you!! Looking forward to my next trip out. :)

Linda said...

Good!Look forward to seeing you again-salad greens are a week off I think-yay.