Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rat Tailed Radish

If you would like to try something a little bit different in your garden this year, look no further than the Rat tailed Radish!
This is such a fabulous plant, and yes! I am selling the seed for it this year.
Unlike other radishes the root on this plant is not what you are after, it is the seed pod that makes it so special. The root is tough and nondescript, but ahh- the young seed pod is fresh tasting, crisp and oh so radish-y!
Pods are an eye pleasing mix of green and purple, but harvest them while young or they will become pithy and tough.
This variety of radish is exceptionally easy to grow throughout the season. Unlike radishes grown for the root, it is fine in the hotter weather, but for a steady supply of pods, plant a bit more every two weeks. And of course, saving the seeds from it couldn't be easier. Simply let the pods dry on the plant, and harvest when dried and brown.
Growing this has inspired me to try harvesting the seed pods of other plants and I have found that some chefs are quite interested in this experiment. Particularly good are brassica and mustard green seed pods- particularly red cabbage which has gone to seed, with it's pretty burgundy pods, picked while still young and tender. Maybe the era of microgreens is ending, and edible pods are the way of the future. I say it is a tasty and novel experiment!


Tiffany said...

That's what those things are. I always wondered when I found them in my basket. I thought they were a bean. A very strong tasting bean.

Linda said...

You are too funny Tiffany! Did you ever try them cooked then?