Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year and a New garden to Consider-Stupice.

Now all the rush of the holidays is nearly over and done with , it is time to start considering the 2010 veg garden. Before long some indoor planting will be a necessity...for me onions and leeks are the first things to start indoors, before setting out in April.
But of course I would like to first talk about tomatoes when I look at some of the varieties of seed (and plants ) that I am selling this year.
So let's talk about one of the best little tomatoes there is-Stupice,(pronounced STOO_PEACH-KA)
This fine Czechoslovakian potato leaf tomato is a gem, and if you grow it once, you will probably always want to grow it. It has such a wonderful tomato flavour for a small flattened golf-ball size fruit, and is it early! I have had it produce fruit in 50 days, so if I am clever and plant in the hoophouse early, say April 15, and cover it with Reemay, I will most certainly have fruit in June. And it continues to produce steadily and reliably all season,being both the first to produce, and the last.
When I have my big "Tomato Days" sale in May, I consistently sell out of this one. So this year I will plant more Stupice for my sale, but you can try planting it from seed and I do have the seed for it this year.
My website will have my 2010 Seed Listing up within a week. Please continue to check back to my blog for a bit more info on some of the varieties I carry. I have grown them all and will review them here!


Salix said...

Hi Linda, Happy New Year to you.
I am looking forward to your posts reviewing some of your tomatoe varieties. Last year I bought plants at your plant sale - and I have to say that it is quite overwhelming with all the varieties that you have - so a review of your favourites sounds just perfect.

Linda said...

Thanks for your comment- I'll try to get the next one up soon!