Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Niagara South Seedy Saturday

NIAGARA south Seedy Saturday
Saturday, February 13, 2016, 1 – 5 pm Wellandport Community Centre, 5042 Canborough Rd, Wellandport
Event Participants: $2.00 Donation at Door —- all welcome!
Seedy Saturday is a celebration and sharing of open-pollinated seeds and gardening know-how —“saving our past for our future.” Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sunday events are held across Canada.
Seedy Saturday is about:
  •  - saving, swapping, buying, and selling seeds that have not been genetically modified
  •   -promoting open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, and herbs
  • preserving heirloom varieties
  • -conserving biodiversity
  • -creating and sustaining gardening communities
  • -ensuring food security
  • -sharing gardening know-how

    VEGAN POTLUCK to follow after event clean up. All welcome to stay and gab!
Events and Activities:  
PresentersSeed Retailers and Seed ExchangeCoffee & Tea & Treats and Light Lunch Available For Purchase
“Garden Give-away Table” a free exchange and/or giveaway of clean pots, trays, magazines, books, garden utensils....

Seedy Saturday Agenda:
1 pm Start of Seedy Saturday
Seed Swap & Retail all day .....
1:10 Ryan Waldron - Grimsby Public Library “Seed Saving Library”

1:30 Colette Murphy, (Urban Harvest) The What and Why of Heirlooms”

2:30 Steven Biggs “No Guff Gardening”

3:30 Linda Crago Tree and Twig “Planning your Garden for Seed Saving”

4:30 Wendy Moreton “Fermentation”
For more information contact Linda Crago 905-386-7388 or

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