Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Around the Farm and CSA Week 11

The nights are getting cooler. Could it be that fall is on the way?
There are a few things that I still want to plant outside as the empty spaces from onions and garlic now harvested are tilled up.
Late August is the ideal time to sow a few of my favourite things. I may put in a few more beets, although there are quite a few in already. If I do it will be the nice long Cylindra, which are perfect for pickled beets.
Definitely going in will be assorted turnips, but definitely Red Round, Watermelon radishes and more kohlrabi. These are all cool weather crops and they should thrive doing most of their growing in the month of September.
It seems crazy to me to be thinking about fall....but that is what I am thinking of. Time to get the wood ordered and stacked, get as many things canned and in the freezer as I can and plant crops for the fall.
As I get older, the summer and the years seem to fly by even more quickly. This summer has been going by at record speed and the CSA season is more than half over now.
It has been a reasonable growing season...not horrible, but not superb.
There are signs of blight on the tomatoes, some of the greens have slowed down with the last very dry spell we have had, and yes, the insect pests are out there. I have been picking Colorado Potato Beetle larvae, squishing squash bug nymphs, and feeding the occasional tomato hornworm to my chickens. They are delighted.
Now...pictures. This weeks baskets contained the following:

These carrots are grown from seed that an acquaintance brought back from a trip to India. They are Indian Red, but some are mottled with purple, most are rooty and gnarled, but they taste very good.

Thanks to Mary for this zucchini in your basket. She had told me about this cool striped zucchini at a Seedy Saturday event last winter, then this spring, brought me a package. Gardening friends are pretty great. It has done well.

Yes, the black radishes have appeared. You may grate them finely and eat raw, but they cook up very well too and taste more than vaguely reminiscent of rutabaga.  Tomatoes of course figure prominently in the baskets too.

The beans are mostly two very rare varieties, on the left Blue Ribbon, a thicker, meatier bean and on the right, Bobis D'Albenga. A few yellows and purples may have made their way into your baskets too.
Rounding out the baskets were hot and sweet peppers, cut lettuce mix, chard/kale and herbs.

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