Friday, December 19, 2014

Niagara South Seedy Saturday 2015


Holly Brown said...

Hi Linda,

Is there information on becoming a vendor for this event? I sell handmade, vegan, botanical soaps made from herbs from my garden and other Ontario growers. I've had a booth at another Niagara Seedy Saturday you organized, but it was informational in nature. I'd love to participate and sell some Gardener's Soap.

Linda said...

Hi Holly,
Great-let's talk! Email is currently not working-perhaps find me on Facebook and msg me-Tree and Twig has a page!

Vince Fiorito said...

I have native short and tall grass prairie seed mixes for natural habitat restoration efforts I'd like to share. All species are native to Ontario prairie. Some species in the mix are uncommon to rare.

I'm not selling, but donating to worthy causes, both public and private. I am not sure I can attend this event, but I am interested in networking with people who collect native plant seeds and/or restore natural habitat.

Public Facebook page

Contact Vince at this email for more information

Linda said...

Thanks for commenting Vince..I'll be in touch!