Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CSA Week 20

Sorry for my absence from this place as of late. I just needed a little break from blog writing. The creative juices have not been flowing and I was even boring myself.

Today pictures, because the pictures say it all.

November 11 and tomatoes (from the hoophouse). Also hot peppers, eggplants or tomatillos, carrots, jerusalem artichokes, jelly melons, watermelon radishes, greens(mustards, arugula, chard, kale, sorrel), savoury mint and leaf celery

Have a wonderful evening, my friends.


David Jordan said...

Great pictures. Great vegetables!

CallieK said...

I laughed reading that you were boring yourself- I have felt exactly the same about my blog and have given up writing for a long time now. Be assured that you are never boring to me at least and the pictures of those gorgeous colourful veggies are a much needed tonic in Nov!

Linda said...

Thanks David, thanks Callie! I think I hit a "the days are darkening and getting shorter" slump. Funny because I finally bought a beautiful journal to write in too-and have not been able to write! I'll get there, hope you do too.