Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CSA Week 15 in pictures

Fall weather is upon us. Some of the summer crops are still hanging on though. No frost is great news! Pictured above are Lemon summer squash and Bennings Green Tint patty pans. One of these, or more was in your basket today.

With Thanksgiving being this weekend, I had to put winter squash in the baskets. Above are Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck and Thelma Saunder's Sweet Potato.

The garlic crop this year wasn't big. Not the heads of garlic, or the quantity. But it sure is good. Enjoy!
Still some tomatillos too, but I suspect this is the end.

I planted so many carrots this year and they have done so well. The Dragon (purple), Snow White (white) and Scarlet Nantes (orange) are wonderful and there are lots more to come.

The hot peppers have been late in coming, but they have arrived. The brilliant yellow peppers are Aji Limo. Love 'em with that hit of citrus.

Yes, it is sugar beets. Sweet and good to use as you would regular beets. Unless you want to investigate how to make sugar!

Leaf celery makes an appearance again. It's a very strong celery taste that's just great in soups and stews.

 Morelle de Balbis is one of two prickly things in your basket this week. Just eat them as is. But be careful.

Thanksgiving calls for potatoes too. Notice the berries in the picture? They are potato berries, which contain true potato seed. I'll start them next year right around the time I get the tomatoes going.

Jelly melons aka Kiwano melon, or African Horned melon. Yes, this is the other thorny thing. Slice it in half and scoop out the brilliant chartreuse flesh. It's an interesting flavour..a bit of cuke, a bit of....banana?

Bless the tomatoes for carrying on. I imagine I'll have them for several more weeks. The ones in the field are on their way out, but the ones in the hoop houses are happy as can be.

...and mint! This is a different sort of mint, oregano thyme.

Eat your veggies!

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