Thursday, May 1, 2014

Black, Brown and Blue Tomatoes at Tomato Days 2014

Now that the transplanting has all been finished, the very onerous task of writing labels for all the seedlings is underway. It's quite a job, let me tell you.
I have so many varieties of everything, and in most cases small quantities of those things, that any kind of mechanization is out of the question. It's is the old fashioned way of doing things, handwriting tags, that fits the bill.
Let's just say I am getting there.
With more than 10,000 plants in the hoop house needing labels, it is a slow process. It's a peaceful job though and after the flurry of needing to get the transplanting done, this pace seems just about right.
The plants look great, and in about two weeks when you come to buy them, they'll be ready to go and are hardened off and sturdy.
Remember though that a frost is entirely possible after my sale weekend, and I am strongly recommending not getting them in the ground on the long weekend. I checked back through my notes over the years and we've definitely had frosts right up to the 24th. And including. So don't rush the season, especially this year when everything is so late anyways.
There are some great dark coloured tomatoes to choose from this year. You'll notice lots of intriguing blues, which are definitely something a bit different.

Here's what you'll find in the way of blacks, blues and browns when you come:

Black Truffles
Blue Match
Black Star
Black from Tula
Brad's Black Heart
Black Ethiopian
Black Cherry
Black Plum
Black Sea Man
Brazilian BeautyBlack Magic
Black Brown Boar
Brown Berry
Blue Fruit
Black Cuban
Black Russian
Black Magic
Black Early
Black Brandywine
Cafe Bule
Chocolate Cherry
Brownies Cherry
Chocolate Pear
J D's Special C-Tex
Chernyi Krim
Cherokee Chocolate
Carol Chykos Big Paste Black
Dwarf Wild Fred
Dark Italian
Dark Brandy
Amazon Chocolate
Gary o'Shea
Heart's Delite
 Indigo Rose
Mikado Cherry
True Black Brandywine
Noire Charbonneuse
Noire de Crimee
Mr Brown
Paul Robeson
Perth Pride
Robson Angola
Sara Black
Sandy's Chocolate Cherry
Sleeping Lady
Turk's Muts
Tasmanian Chocolate

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