Friday, April 25, 2014

Tomato Days 2014-Heiroom Tomato and Heirloom Veg Seedling Sale

Despite the ups and downs of the weather, I'm right on schedule for my big plant sale coming up in a mere 3 weeks, May 17, 18 and 19 from 8 am-3 pm.
Over the last month I've seeded and transplanted thousands of plants and have been a very busy "Tree and Twig" indeed.
Let me confess. My name is Linda. I am Tree and Twig. I'm small-that's all. I always smile when people assume I have legions of people working for me or that I do more than I actually do. Usually my friends, it is only me.
I have a small CSA, a small seed business and sell to small stores and restaurants.
But I try to do heirloom veggie seedlings in a very big way indeed.

I have a huge selection of heirloom tomato seedlings by any standards. Hundreds and hundreds of varieties of tomatoes. Red, orange, yellow, blue, black, brown, green, white and multi-coloured. I have stripes and spots, peach skinned and pear shaped. I have huge and tiny. I have long keepers and pastes, canners, fresh eating marvels and stuffers.  I have tomatoes with scalloped edges, ripples and ruffles. I have tomatoes from many countries and on my lawn, the Russian and Ukrainian tomatoes sit in their pots side by side neither threatened by the other.
More than anything though, I have tomatoes that taste good. That's what it is all about.
I know my tomatoes too. I have been growing and selling heirloom tomato seedlings for more than 15 years and it is no exaggeration to say that I have grown more than a thousand varieties myself over the years.

I grew up with some of these varieties. My mom grew them some 40 odd years ago, and the taste of a truly good tomato stayed with me.
My Tomato Days sale though is always more than tomatoes. I have a great selection of sweet and hot peppers, including the "stupid hots", eggplants, kales, herbs, broccolis, cabbages, brussels sprouts and all other members of that family,lettuces, cukes and zukes, melons and a touch of the unusual like mouse melons, ground cherries, cape gooseberries and tomatillos. I'll also have seeds for sale and I hope we'll have your veggie garden covered for 2014, and you'll be eating some truly tasty produce.

When you buy from me (and even if you don't) I'm happy to help you through the season with your gardening questions. Got problems with your tomatoes, or just want to send me pictures of your tomatoes when they've ripened? I love it all, and I'm glad to help if I can.
This year I've invited others to join in and am happy, happy to welcome my friends from Niagara Vegfest , Garden City Essentials , Della Terra and  Global Hearts . It's a wee festival of sorts. More may join in and if you are interested, let me know. There's no cost to set up your table.
I know that others are now selling heirloom tomato plants. I'm happy about this, because it means that those varieties are out there and surviving. I won't lie though. I'm happiest when you buy from me and I truly appreciate your business, whether you are a first time customer or a long term customer. Seedlings have become the biggest part of my business, and farming is all I do to support my family.
So thank-you.
It will be great to see everyone, and as always we go rain or shine. I'll have family and friends helping out and if it is me you wish to speak with, be patient because I want to speak with you too.
We all know that I love talking tomatoes!
(Find me at this address . I am just outside the village of Wellandport, in the Township of Wainfleet. If you have a GPS directing you, the address is 74038 Creek Road Wainfleet)

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