Saturday, January 18, 2014

Better Food For All!

I've been on a major reading bend over the last few months. Initially the books, for some odd reason, were about women wreaking havoc on their husbands lives, either in the form of psychological tormenting (Gone Girl) or hiring hit men to off them (The Silent Wife). They are both superb reads.  I highly recommend them.

Lately I've moved along to John Grisham and have picked up a few I haven't read about tort law and highly unscrupulous and morally lacking lawyers. Lawyers preying and getting rich off of the misfortunes of others.

Why on earth would this come to my mind when I picked my paper out of the mailbox today and saw a flyer for a grocery store? 

Maybe it's because we are being fed an image of caring and concern, when the reality is the store's bottom line and making money.

Ah yes. Of course it makes sense that a Canadian chain would choose a British chef-celeb to tout their message of "Better Food For All."  After all he has made his name by bringing healthy alternatives into the British school system, tackling overweight American communities (through his Food Revolution) and teaching healthy cooking tips through his television shows and cookbooks.

I'm sure he has done a lot of good and truly helped a lot of people. The reality is though that he has sold out, and to me anyway, this tarnishes his image.

I look through the flyer and see what I would see in any other Canadian grocery store. Doritos, Pepsi, chocolate bars, KoolAid and pudding cups.

Does the store really think that by putting Jamie Oliver on their television spots and other advertising materials we'll be fooled into thinking those items are any better than at say Giant Tiger (where they may be cheaper), or that their concern about our health is real?

For shame.

If you want me to believe it, take that stuff off your shelves and give us better food.
But don't take me for a sucker in this celebrity idolizing society.
I think we're all a bit too smart to not see this for what it is.


CallieK said...

I too was a bit disappointed. I'm sure the dishes that bear jamie's name are made to be a healthier alternative but they're still prepared foods and although I haven't actually looked at one, I'm certain they contain the usual suspects of stablizers and preservatives. Disappointing to say the least.

Alain said...

Unfortunately, I doubt we are smart enough to see this for what it is. The sad truth is that many people probably find a celebrity endorsement reassuring. It does not reach their consciousness. At a subliminal level it is interpreted as an excuse that allows them not to have to confront the whole problem.