Saturday, August 17, 2013

Garden Pictures - August 16, 2013

Mexican Sunflowers

Stupice are producing like crazy


My grafted "Old German"

Thai Long Green

Yellow Bhut Jolokia

Slim Jim

African Eggplant

Black Scorpion Tongue


The blackest of the blues-'Tendence Bleu"

Scarlet Runner

Red Marietta marigold

This is the squash the chickens planted!

So many delicious apples this year!


Blue Ribbon beans


bluelacedredhead said...

Morning Linda, Will the Chicken Squash be on your list of seed offerings for 2014? :)
Everything looks great. Those Blue Ribbon beans are very attractive, and your figs abundant.
Keep the pics coming.

Linda said...

Thanks! Yes, I'd better save seeds from those squash, they are incredible. The chickens love running through the squash vine forest, sometimes I'm afraid I'll lose them!