Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post-PrimalFest 2013

Well, the cat is out of the bag. 
It is the wonderful Dr Richard Houghton who is making my sore back feel much better. 
During one of my appointments Richard passed along information about a very unique event to the area that I find very intriguing. Hope you do too!

Hello Organic-Heirloom Food Lovers!

Linda has been gracious enough to invite us to guest post today…thanks Linda!

We are happy to invite you to PrimalFest 2013!  PrimalFest is an all day interactive event that will be held in Niagara's St. John's Valley on Saturday, August 24.  This event will allow you to step away from the everyday world of cars, screens and phones, and instead, immerse you in the natural world, of activity, real food and fun!

PrimalFest will provide you with the information necessary to understand how short-term and chronic illness develops, as well as how to regain optimal well-being.

The day will include:
*Optimal Health Talk with Dr. Richard Houghton
*Primal Movement Patterning with Gavin Dobias
*Medicinal and Edible Plant Walk with Dr. Shawn Manske
*Outdoor Yoga with Cheryl Dobias
Group Drumming and African Dance Class led by Dr. Isaac Nii Akrong
Paleo Dinner, followed with a performance by AfriDance
For more information, visit

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