Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Open House and Tour - November 25,2012

This year I am holding my annual Christmas Open House on Sunday, November 25 between 1-3 pm here on the farm.
If you are looking for simple and unique gifts or gift baskets, or just want to come out and have a peek at what is growing for the winter and have a warm drink, that's okay too.
It's a great chance to view the entire line of preserves that we are calling "Tree and Twig Preserved". Good name, eh?
And that's what it is. My produce preserved in interesting and different ways.
Here's the line-up this year:

 Tree & Twig Preserved 
Basil Jellies (8 varieties)
 Hot Pepper Spread,
 Apple Jelly
Aji Limo Hot Pepper Jelly
Pickled Beet Stems
Heirloom Tomato Jam (Bourbon & non bourbon),
Tomatillo Salsa,
Beets with Red Wine, 
Salsa Jam,
Zucchini Relish,
Wasabi Pickled Beans,
Dilled Carrots, 
Pickled Beets,
Pickled Pepper Rings

I can do up gift baskets containing the preserves, or could add a very home spun touch, in the form of beautiful hand knitting. 

Also available at my Open House will be beautiful seeds, baking (pies!), teas, and Tree and Twig Gift Certificates which can be redeemed for seed, seedlings or produce. 
And of course there will be produce available as well, because that's what I do.

Come on out and meet some great people, enjoy a cuppa and chat.
Hope to see you here!

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