Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maris the Amazing Farm Intern Digs in Deeper

STILL to plant!

Finally the weather is in our favour. It’s been raining on and off since last Thursday and the weather this week in particular seems to be set in accordance to our work schedule as dark clouds seem to roll in as we’re getting ready to head in for supper. It’ll be no surprise, but we’ve been planting all week. We’ve nearly finished with all the non-tomato planting and seeding with just a few stragglers waiting their turn. We also put a significant dent in the tomato plants. By dent I mean hundreds upon hundreds of plants. Have you read or seen Holes? Well it’s been kind of like that, but we fill all the holes in after digging them up. Apparently there`s some estimation and math to all of this because Linda keeps asking how many holes are in a row at which point I have to go back and count, and then I see from the end of the row that my row lines are as crooked as a drunkard`s stagger. Oh well, they`ll still grow.

No luck with any of the eggs I was incubating in case you were wondering. That`s the ways she goes sometimes on the farm.  I`m incubating a new one so we`ll see how that goes, and we`re getting a bunch more Muscovy ducks at New Leaf anyway. I`m also adopting one of Linda`s ducks as the three boys have been incessantly battling and, as opposed to one of my previous blogs which suggested ducks don`t have the means to seriously harm each other, two of them have become bloodied and cleaved from this ongoing war. I`m sure he`ll fit right in with all the other goofballs at New Leaf.

Despite the fact that the sun is setting later and later, I`m going to bed earlier and earlier so that`s it, that`s all. Goodnight folks.
It's coming!

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