Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4-Pictures on a Spring Day

Winter mustards are going to seed. Smells good!

Bloody Dock-bloody-well growing wherever it can.

A knife that hasn't been seen since last summer-discovered!

Must be spring.

Beedy Camden Kale made it through this "winter"

A confused bean has sprouted. It's too early!

Purple mizuna in the hoop house

Peas are up

Todays basket


bluelacedredhead said...

We moved last year so I never tried the Beedy's Camden Kale you so graciously sent me. But I started some seeds indoors on Sunday and they germinated in record time (within 48 hours). I'm so thrilled to try this variety. TY :)

Linda said...

I bet you'll love it! It's a great variety! And you are most welcome.