Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Seedy Saturday-the results are in!

Ha again!
This time it is not directed at Galen Weston but the weather.
Hard to believe that this winter, the winter of little snow and mild temperatures, that it chose to snow on Seedy Saturday.
Lots of snow. Lousy driving snow. Shovel the driveway snow.
And "perhaps we shouldn't go out snow."

What can one do though?
That is the reality of farmers and gardeners the world over. The weather just doesn't always cooperate.

Thank-you to everyone who did come out. There were lots of you!
I was actually pretty surprised at the turnout considering the poor weather. Hundreds braved it to listen to some fabulous speakers, share their seeds with unparalleled generosity and speak to the vendors and purchase their goods.

Some things didn't turn out the way they were supposed to.
The difficulty with being an individual planning this sort of event is that in order to secure a venue, some control over the event ends up being traded off.
There were some last minute issues because of poor communication, regretfully.
The speeches got off to a late start, the food and coffee that were supposed to be there..weren't really.
There was a night-before vendor cancellation.
Omar, the fill-in for another Brock student is a true gem. He whipped up a few apparently very tasty dishes to serve, but alas, not enough. Omar-you are wonderful. It was so great to meet you.

I'm unsure of the final tally for Start Me Up Niagara, but thanks to all for your generous donations at the door. $265 was raised, this being enough to cover one weekend of expenses for the lunches that are served at the centre. More was raised at the children's activity table. The activities were really cool- lots of non-kid types got in on the fun.

I still have lots of t-shirts left if anyone wishes to buy one to support Brock's "Dig It" OPIRG group and their goal of establishing community gardens. If you couldn't make it but would like a nice light t-shirt for your summer gardening activities, please get in touch.

The seeds people brought for the seed exchange table were so great! I still have lots in my possession that were left at the end of the day. I'll keep giving them away. These are some of my favourites which incidentally I'm so excited to keep and plant this year...

Love the description....

..and on this,

and this!

Left-over seed still to be shared
Many thanks to Paul Federici for the fabulous music, from one former social worker following her dream to another following his.
Steven Biggs, Mark Picone and Katrina Simmons for your knowledgeable and enlightening talks, I sincerely thank you. Many people commented that the talks were the best ever...and they stayed to hear them all.
And special thanks to my friends who helped pull it all off. I know you shudder when I call and say I have an idea. "What are we getting into now?", you must wonder. Thank you for trying to keep things running smoothly, for giving up your day for this vision of seed sharing and for your love and support.
We did it!
 If people are interested in being involved in a committee to organize next years event, please let me know by email. It's become a bit too much for me to organize on my own and I'd love like-minded people to help make it much, much better.
Thanks to all for supporting Niagara Seedy Saturday!


Jesse said...

Hey Linda, wish we could have come but I had to work. Once I get a quiet spell I want to come down there seed shopping!

Linda said...

Great-anytime Jesse!