Monday, January 9, 2012

This is January?

Darn, the weather has been nice! This is January?

So instead of sitting at my computer, as I should have been doing I've been otherwise engaged. Doing some seeding in the hoop house, cleaning out the chickens, picking greens for sale, walking the dogs.

Fun stuff, outside stuff.

It's true, these are things I enjoy!

So the seed listing has taken a bit longer to come up with. If I was sitting inside on a blustery, snowy day it would have been done long before this. It's hard to resist the temptation to NOT BE IN!

But now it is done.

It will be winging it's way to my friend who is a knowledgeable friend of computers, which I am in not.

And a new website will be introduced...soon, with some cool new seeds.  I'm excited!

A new CSA season, new farm events and some very cool new heirloom tomato seedlings. Lots of them. And some exciting new (old) veggies I'm trying.

But in the meantime, here's a look at the winter farm and what is happening.

Sometimes we rest.

A surprise- a variegated arugula. I'll try saving seed AND propagating. 

So many beans to shell...ain't they pretty?

Tressa's Florence hot pepper for seed.

Sometimes I cover, sometimes I don't. This week not yet!

Sylvetta arugula- a winter hoop house staple


inhabiting_trees said...

oooooo variegated arugula looks super neat!

K said...

Yeah!! I've been waiting for your seed listing :)